Recommendation 1

6.7       That Infrastructure Australia take a system-wide, mode-neutral approach in its consideration of any project and consider alternative ways of solving the problem being addressed.

Recommendation 2

6.8       That the government reaffirm that Commonwealth funding (by way of grants or loans) will not be applied to any project which is not high on Infrastructure Australia's priority list.

Recommendation 3

6.15    That the Commonwealth make it a condition of any further infrastructure funding that states ensure that the systems for pursuing unpaid tolls and related charges are consistent with the treatment of comparable offences, if necessary by insisting on variation of the toll concession contracts.

Recommendation 4

6.21    That the Commonwealth reiterate the processes for making payments to the states for infrastructure projects, especially the necessity for milestones to have been met.

Recommendation 5

6.22    That the Commonwealth take account, in any funding decision, of the degree to which an infrastructure project might constrain future government action, either by the building of the project itself or by clauses in the project contract.

Recommendation 6

6.23    That the Commonwealth lift the amount of infrastructure grant funding to an extent that takes pressure off the states to seek private financing of public infrastructure.

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