The Australian manufacturing industry

February 2022

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Terms of Reference

Abbreviations and acronyms

List of Recommendations

Chapter 1—Introduction

  Referral and conduct of the inquiry
  Role of manufacturing
  Overview of Australian manufacturing
  Weaknesses and threats
  Strengths and opportunities

Chapter 2—Why manufacturing?

  Necessity of maintaining a baseline manufacturing capability
  Vulnerability of the economy and the nation
  Crucial importance of supply chains
  Committee comment

Chapter 3—Elements of manufacturing

  Innovative research and development
  Investment and Commercialisation
  A skilled workforce
  Manufacturing employment
  Incentives to develop manufacturing

Chapter 4—Transformation of manufacturing

  Industry 4.0
  Role for Government in Industry 4.0
  Committee comment

Chapter 5—Opportunities for government

  Government procurement and local content targets
  Harmonisation of standards and procedures
  Provision of key capabilities
  Committee comment

Chapter 6—Committee comment

  Stimulating research and development (R&D), commercialisation and investment
  Skills and training
  Creating secure, well-paid employment
  Anti-dumping provisions
  Energy policy
  Domestic electrical equipment testing capabilities
  Pharmaceutical supply chains

Dissenting Report - Liberal Senators

  Establishment of Manufacturing Industry Fund (Recommendation 2)
  Superannuation Funds (Recommendation 3)
  Research and Development (Recommendations 1 and 4)
  Skills and Training (Recommendations 5 and 6)

Additional Comments - Senator Rex Patrick


Appendix 1—Submissions and additional information

Appendix 2—Public hearings

Appendix 3—Government assistance for domestic manufacturing

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