Appendix 2

Appendix 2

Public hearings and witnesses


BORING, Ms Perianne, President and Founder, Chamber of Digital Commerce (USA)

CULLEN, Mr Lucas, Chief Executive Officer, Bitcoin Brisbane Pty Ltd

GUZOWSKI, Mr Christopher, Managing Director, ABA Technology Pty Ltd

PESCE, Mr Mark, Private capacity

SHAPIRO, Mr Adam, Director, Promontory Financial Group LLC

SOMMER, Mr Andrew, Partner, Clayton Utz

TUCKER, Mr Ronald, Chairman, Australian Digital Currency Commerce Association

ZHOU, Mr Kevin, Chief Economist, Buttercoin


ALDERMAN, Mr Tony, Acting Manager, Strategic Policy, Australian Federal Police

ANTONOPOULOS, Mr Andreas, Private capacity

HANSFORD, Mr Hamish, National Manager, Strategic Intelligence and Strategy, Australian Crime Commission 

HARDY, Mr Michael, Assistant Commissioner, Tax Practitioner and Lodgement Strategy, Australian Taxation Office

McAULIFFE, Mr Daniel Thomas, Manager, Banking and Capital Markets Regulation Unit, Treasury

MOHR, Ms Jessica Grace, Acting Manager, Revenue Group, Treasury

MOSS, Dr John, National Manager, Operational Intelligence, Australian Crime Commission

MOSSOP, Mr Daniel, Director, Financial Crime Section, Attorney-General's Department

PETERSON, Mr Brett, Assistant Commissioner, Tax Counsel Network, Australian Taxation Office

PRESTON, Ms Kate, Acting General Manager, Revenue Group, Treasury

TAGGART, Mr Jared, Team Leader, Criminal Asset Confiscation Taskforce, Australian Federal Police


ATKINS, Ms Jane Elizabeth, Executive General Manager, Corporate, AUSTRAC

BEZZI, Mr Marcus, Executive General Manager, Competition Enforcement, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

BRYANT, Ms Rebecca, Assistant Secretary, Economic Engagement and Resources and Energy Branch, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

CARMODY, Dr Sean Michael, Head of Credit Risk, Enterprise Risk, Westpac

EMERY, Mr David William, Senior Manager, Payments Policy Department, Reserve Bank of Australia

HAMILTON, Mr Christopher, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Payments Clearing Association

HAWKINS, Mr David, Acting Director, Strategic Analysis Unit, AUSTRAC

KENDALL, Mr Arun, Industry Policy, Australian Payments Clearing Association

MILLER, Mr Jonathon, Co-founder, Bit Trade Australia

PEARSON, Mr Tony, Executive Director, Industry Policy, Australian Bankers' Association

PRAGNELL, Dr Bradley, Head, Industry Policy, Australian Payments Clearing Association

RICHARDS, Dr Anthony John, Head, Payments Policy Department, Reserve Bank of Australia

SAADAT, Mr Michael, Senior Executive Leader, Deposit Takers Credit and Insurers, Australian Securities and Investments Commission

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