Submissions received by the Committee as at 29 June 2009

Inquiry into the Tax Laws Amendment (2009 Budget Measures No. 1) Bill 2009

Submissions received by the Committee as at 29 June 2009

Sub No. Submitter
1 Byrnecut Offshore (PDF 183KB)
2 Mr Mike Durack (PDF 919KB)
3 Mr Peter Lewis (PDF 60KB)
4 Mr Bruce Melrose (PDF 13KB
5 Mr Ross West (PDF 64KB)
6 Mr Cam Seth (PDF 56KB)
7 Mr Sean Fraser (PDF 75KB)
8 Mr Grant Sanders (PDF 62KB)
9 Mr George Nims (PDF 13KB)
10 Mr Craig Dowling (PDF 64KB)
11 Mr Jeremy O'Brien (PDF 77KB)
11a Mr Jeremy O'Brien (PDF 6KB)
12 Mr Brett Harms (PDF 53KB)
13 The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia (PDF 119KB)
14 Investment & Financial Services Association (PDF 61KB)
15 Financial Planning Association of Australia Limited (PDF 77KB)
16 Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Ltd (PDF 178KB)
17 PricewaterhouseCoopers Australia (PDF 104KB)
18 The Association of Consulting Engineers Australia (PDF 122KB)
19 Taxation Institute of Australia (PDF 48KB)
20 KPMG (PDF 395KB)
21 The Treasury (PDF 1149KB)
22 The Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia Limited (ASFA) (PDF 74KB)
23 Mercer (PDF 115KB)
24 Minerals Council of Australia (PDF 1027KB)
25 Mr George W Gildea (PDF 1330KB)
26 Confidential
27 Mr Ray O'Brien (PDF 72KB)
28 Ms Sharon Arena (PDF 29KB)
29 Confidential
30 Mr Glen Ditchmen (PDF 65KB)
31 Mr Anthony Durling (PDF 41KB)
32 Ms Brook Arelette (PDF 21KB)
33 Mr Mark Hunter (PDF 68KB)
34 Mr Kevin Codlin (PDF 51KB)
35 Mr Chris Short (PDF 60KB)
36 Mr Steve Osborne (PDF 57KB)
37 Mr Leslie Schuster (PDF 49KB)
38 Mr Craig  Brown (PDF 58KB)
39 Mr John Emmott (PDF 90KB)
40 Mr Steve Didmon (PDF 98KB)
41 Mr Ronald Stanton (PDF 25KB)
42 Ms Sarah Leibbrandt (PDF 15KB)
43 Mr Jason Palmblad (PDF 42KB)
44 Mr Craig Stalley (PDF 23KB)
45 Mr Pete Smith (PDF 16KB)
46 Confidential
47 Mr Bob Webb (PDF 29KB)
48 Mr Michael O'Neill (PDF 22KB)
49 Mr Stephen Graymore and Mrs Gloria Graymore (PDF 36KB)
50 Mr John Ryan (PDF 7KB)
51 Mr Drew Thain (PDF 16KB)
52 Mr Brett Guy (PDF 3KB)
53 Mr Kevin Chard (PDF 14KB)
54 Mr Daniel Jelinek (PDF 9KB)
55 Mr Bill Griggs (PDF 45KB)
56 Mr John Hancock (PDF 36KB)
57 Confidential
58 Mr Hamish Blake (PDF 28KB)
59 Mr Bernard Callinan (PDF 21KB)
60 Danni Braddon (PDF 11KB)
61 Mr Bruce Morris (PDF 5KB)
62 Confidential
63 Chris Wack (PDF 4KB)
64 Mr Kristian Bailey (PDF 6KB)
65 Mr Philip Jones (PDF 5KB)
66 Mr Peter Redaelli (PDF 37KB)
67 Mr Stephen Carter (PDF 27KB)
68 Mr Peter Knowles (PDF 47KB)
69 Mr Bevan Reibel (PDF 970KB)
70 Mr Andy Woodford (PDF 6KB)
71 Mr Robert Lunnon (PDF 5KB)
72 Mr Steve Harris (PDF 13KB)
73 Mr John Payne (PDF 29KB)
74 Mr Andrew Huxter (PDF 13KB)
75 Mr Robert Mitchell (PDF 45KB)
76 Ms Jodie Stewart (PDF 3KB)
77 Mr Simon Klopper (PDF 879KB)
78 Mr Ian Hearne PDF 21KB
79 Mr Mark Hunter (PDF 4KB)
80 Mr Jamie Armstrong (PDF 82KB)
81 Mr Gavin Murphy (PDF 9KB
82 L Thompson (PDF 11KB)
83 RMS Engineering & Construction Pty Ltd (PDF 158KB)
84 Ms Kristen Cousins (PDF 655KB)
85 Confidential
86 Mr Michael Holt PDF 386KB)
87 Mr Allan Nutt (PDF 66KB)
88 Mr Colin Fulton (PDF 40KB)
89 Confidential
90 Mr Robin Barker (PDF 18KB)
91 Mr John Wade (PDF 7KB)
92 Mr Simon Hoyle (PDF 606KB)
93 Mr Paul Bowen (PDF 139KB)
94 Mr Vivek Ganesh (PDF 10KB)
95 Mr Dave Rosetta (PDF 99KB
96 Mr Brad Gray (PDF 6KB
97 Confidential
98 Ms Stacey Hill (PDF 20KB
99 Toll Group (PDF 487KB)
100 Confidential
101 Mr Ian Thomson (PDF 397KB)
102 Mr Neil Truebody (PDF 28KB)
103 Lycopodium Minerals Pty Ltd (PDF 575KB)
104 Mr Robert Oates (PDF 22KB)
105 WHK Horwath (PDF 6KB)
106 Ms Jodi Gardiner PDF 18KB)
107 Confidential
108 Ensign International Energy Services (PDF 108KB)
109 Confidential
110 Mr Nic Jones PDF 208KB)
111 Mr Jack Smith (PDF 189KB)
112 Leigh Otter (PDF 7KB)
113 Ms Kerrie Jarvie (PDF 19KB)
114 Mr Adam Hamer (PDF 6KB)
115 Mr Kenneth Gear (PDF 30KB)

Additional Information Received

10/06/09 Correspondence tabled at the public hearing in Canberra, ACT by the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (PDF 304KB)
10/06/09 Answer to Questions on Notice from Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PDF 15KB)
15/06/09 Answer to Questions on Notice from the Association of Consulting Engineers Australia (PDF 108KB)
15/06/09 Answer to Questions on Notice from Department of the Treasury (PDF 60KB)
16/06/09 Answer to Questions on Notice from Department of the Treasury (PDF 53KB)

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