Public hearings

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Queensland Parliament House, Brisbane


Legal Aid Queensland

BRIGGS, Mr Joseph Douglas, Barrister, Designated Counsel to the Queensland Mental Health Court

Queensland Advocacy Inc.

PHILLIPS, Dr Emma, Systems Advocate

HAMMILL, Dr Janet Mary, Coordinator, Collaboration for Alcohol Related Developmental Disorders, Perinatal Research Group, University of Queensland Centre for Clinical Research

Russell Family Fetal Alcohol Disorders Association

RUSSELL, Mrs Elizabeth (Anne), Chief Executive Officer

WARDALE, Mr Simon, Private capacity

BRADBURY, Dr Joanne, Lecturer, Southern Cross University

Aboriginal Disability Justice Campaign, La Trobe University

McGEE, Mr Patrick, Coordinator

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Service (Queensland) Ltd

DUFFY, Mr Shane, Chief Executive Officer


Friday, 29 April 2016

Monash Conference Centre, Melbourne


Aboriginal Disability Justice Campaign

McKINLAY, Mr Ian, Spokesperson

Victorian Office of the Public Advocate

CHESTERMAN, Dr John, Director of Strategy

McCARTHY, Ms Tess, Policy and Research Officer

WALKINSHAW, Mr Bryan, Advocate Disability Act Officer

Victoria Legal Aid

POVEY, Mr Chris, Program Manager, Mental Health and Disability Law Sub-program

FRITZE, Ms Eleanore, Senior Lawyer, Mental Health and Disability

Jesuit Social Services

CLEMENTS, Mr Daniel, General Manager, Justice Programs

JESSOP, Dr Glenn William, Policy Manager

First Peoples Disability Network, Australia

AVERY, Mr Scott, Director, Policy and Research

National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services

MUIR, Mr Wayne, Chairperson

WARNER, Ms Karly, Executive Officer

Melbourne Social Equity Institute and the Disability Research Initiative, University of Melbourne

ARSTEIN-KERSLAKE, Dr Anna, Chief Investigator, Unfitness to Plead Project

KEYZER, Professor Patrick, Head of School and Chair of Law and Public Policy, La Trobe Law School, La Trobe University

Australian Law Reform Commission

CROUCHER, Prof. Rosalind Frances, President

National Disability Services

BAKER, Dr Ken, Chief Executive

ANGLEY, Ms Philippa, Executive Officer

Australian Community Services Organisation           

PAPPOS, Mr Stan, Senior Manager, Forensic Housing Services

Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists

BENNETT, Dr Chad, Chair, Section for the Psychiatry of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Deaf Indigenous Community Consultancy

BARNEY, Ms Jody, Certified Aboriginal Disability Cultural Safety Trainer and Assessor


Monday, 19 September 2016

International on the Water Hotel, Perth


Chief Justice of Western Australia

MARTIN, The Hon. Wayne

Office of the Inspector of Custodial Services

MORGAN, Professor Neil, Inspector of Custodial Services

DAVIS, Ms Rowena, Director of Reviews

HERITAGE, Mr Kyle, Senior Audit and Research Officer

Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia

COLLINS, Mr Peter, Director, Legal Services

Geraldton Resource Centre Inc

MULLER, Ms Alison, Principal Solicitor

Developmental Disability WA

HARVEY, Ms Taryn, Chief Executive Officer

University of Western Australia

BLAGG, Professor Harry, Professor of Criminology

TULICH, Dr Tamara, Lecturer

BUSH, Ms Zoe, Former Research Assistant and Student

Telethon Kids Institute

MUTCH, Clinical Associate Professor Dr Raewyn Cheryll, Post-Doctoral Senior Research Fellow and Paediatrician

WALKER, Ms Noni, Senior Research Fellow

Western Australian Association for Mental Health

McKINNEY, Ms Chelsea, Manager, Systemic Advocacy

Mental Health Matters 2

DOHERTY, Ms Margaret, Convenor

Western Australia Disability Services Commission

CHALMERS, Dr Ron, Director-General

PARRY, Ms Myra, Manager, Disability Justice Service

BASTIN, Ms Simone, Senior Project Officer 2011-2014, Disability Justice Service


Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Parliament House, Darwin


Participants and support workers in the 'Unfit to plead' project

GOODING, Dr Piers, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Disability Research Initiative, Melbourne Social Equity Institute, Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne

CARROLL, Mr Philip, Client Support Worker, North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency

Northern Territory Community Visitor Program

SIEVERS, Ms Sally, Principal Community Visitor, and Anti-Discrimination Commissioner, Northern Territory Anti-Discrimination Commission

South Australia Community Visitor Scheme

ALDERDICE, Mr John, Office Manager

MIGLIORE, Ms Connie, Mental Health Coordinator

Golden Glow Nursing

SCHAFFER, Ms Maureen, Director

PAINE, Mrs Jody, Operations Manager

Northern Territory Mental Health Coalition

HARRIS, Ms Vanessa, Executive Officer

Danila Dilba Health Service

KNUTH, Mr Joseph, Acting Head of Programs

Northern Territory Government

ANDERSON, Ms Janet, Acting Chief Executive Officer, Department of Health

RILY, Ms Annie, Acting Senior Director, Office of Disability, Department of Health

CAMPION, Mr Richard, Acting General Manager, Top End Mental Health Services and Alcohol and Other Drugs Services, Department of Health

PAYNE, Mr Mark, Commissioner, Northern Territory Correctional Services, Department of the Attorney-General and Justice

CARROLL, Mr Bill, General Manager, Darwin Correctional Centre

MacDONALD, Mr Greg, Lawyer, Solicitor for the Northern Territory


Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Convention Centre, Alice Springs


Criminal Lawyers Association of the Northern Territory

GOLDFLAM, Mr Russell, President; and Principal Legal Officer, Alice Springs Office, Northern Territory Legal Aid Commission

GERRY, Ms Felicity Ruth, QC, Vice President

North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency

WOODROFFE, Mr David, Principal Legal Officer

Barriers to Justice

LAUGHTON, Ms Victoria, Research and Advocacy Officer, Victim Support Service

EGEGE, Mr David, Executive Director, Disability Advocacy and Complaints Service of South Australia

YU, Mr Fucheng, Project Manager/Advocate, Disability Advocacy and Complaints Service of South Australia

TREE, Ms Anna, Chief of Staff/Media Advisor, Dignity for Disability

COLLINS, Ms Tania, Senior Criminal Legal Officer, Central Australian Aboriginal Legal Aid Service

McKINLAY, Mr Ian, Adult guardian and Spokesperson, Aboriginal Disability Justice Campaign


Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Parliament House, Canberra


New South Wales Council for Intellectual Disability

SIMPSON, Mr James, Senior Advocate

Mental Health Australia

XAMON, Ms Alison, Immediate outgoing Director

Just Reinvest New South Wales

HOPKINS, Ms Sarah, Chair

Australian Human Rights Commission

TRIGGS, Prof. Gillian, President

EDGERTON, Mr Graeme, Senior Lawyer

Australian Law Reform Commission

CROUCHER, Prof. Rosalind, AM, President

Law Council of Australia

McINTYRE, Mr Greg, Access to Justice and Human Rights Committee Member

Department of Social Services

CHRISTIAN, Mr James, Group Manager, Disability, Employment and Carers

RILEY, Mr John, Branch Manager, Program Transition

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