Public hearings

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Monash Conference Centre, Melbourne


Australian Council of Social Service

PHILLIPS, Ms Jacqueline, Director of Policy

The Parenthood      

BRISKEY, Ms Jo, Executive Director

ARCH, Ms Kerry, Founder, United Sole Parents of Australia

UnitingCare Australia

HATFIELD DODDS, Ms Lin, National Director

COWLING, Mr Martin J, Associate National Director

National Council of Single Mothers and their Children

EDWARDS, Ms Therese

Australian Catholic Council for Employment Relations

LAWRENCE, Mr Brian, Representative

Catholic Social Services Australia        

MOGG, Ms Marcelle, Chief Executive Officer

CatholicCare Melbourne and Gippsland

LIMBRICK, Ms Sheree, Acting Chief Executive Officer

National Welfare Rights Network

BEAUMONT, Ms Katherine, President

BELCHER, Ms Christine, Welfare Rights Advocate

Grandparents Australia

McLEISH, Mrs Anne L, OAM, Director

National Council of Women of Australia

BYARD, Ms Sheila Meredith, Board Member

WILLIAMS, Dr Pamela Kaye, Adviser

Children with Disability Australia

GOTLIB, Ms Stephanie, Chief Executive Officer

BRIDIE, Ms Winnie, Policy Officer

Department of Social Services

HALBERT, Ms Cath, Group Manager, Payments Policy Group

EMERSON, Mr Ty, Branch Manager, Family Payments and Child Support Policy

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