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Ms Kate Gauthier (Principal Research Officer)
Mr Colby Hannan (Principal Research Officer)
Mr Tasman Larnach (Senior Research Officer)
Ms Carol Stewart (Administrative Officer)

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44th Parliament

Senator Zed Seselja, Chair Australian Capital Territory, LP
Senator Rachel Siewert, Deputy Chair Western Australia, AG
Senator Carol Brown Tasmania, ALP
Senator Katy Gallagher Australian Capital Territory, ALP
Senator the Hon Bill Heffernan
(from 4 February 2016)
New South Wales, LP
Senator the Hon David Johnston
(from 4 February 2016 to 23 February 2016)
Western Australia, LP
Senator Joanna Lindgren
(to 4 February 2016 and from 23 February 2016)
Queensland, LP
Senator Dean Smith
(to 4 February 2016)
Western Australia, LP
Participating members for this inquiry  
Senator Claire Moore Queensland, ALP
Senator Nova Peris OAM Northern Territory, ALP

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