Purpose, intent and adequacy of the Disability Support Pension

February 2022

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Committee Membership

Terms of Reference


List of Recommendations

Chapter 1—Introduction

  Structure of this report
  Overview of the Disability Support Pension
  A brief history of policy changes
  Conduct of the inquiry

Chapter 2—Barriers to accessing the Disability Support Pension

  Eligibility criteria
  Claims process and evidence requirements
  The assessment of claims
  Committee view and recommendations

Chapter 3—Impacts on people living with disability

  Experience of claiming the Disability Support Pension
  Experience of people with disability living on JobSeeker
  Harm caused by existing policies and administrative arrangements
  Disproportionate impacts on vulnerable communities and people
  Committee view and recommendations

Chapter 4—Employment and the Disability Support Pension

  The Disability Support Pension and employment capacity
  Disability and workforce participation
  Barriers to workforce participation
  Barriers to workforce participation created by the Disability Support Pension
  Program of support requirement
  Alternative approaches of employment support
  Committee view and recommendations

Chapter 5—Adequacy and broader reforms

  Rate of the Disability Support Pension
  A discussion on other support payments and schemes
  Financial security and living with disability
  Alternative approaches and future reforms
  Committee view and recommendations

Government senators' additional comments

  DSP impairment reform
  Services Australia’s communications
  DSP financial sustainability
  Australia’s Disability Strategy 2021–2031
  Disability Employment Services program reform
  Social workers

Appendix 1—Submissions and Additional Information

Appendix 2—Public Hearings

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