Public hearings

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Parliament House, Canberra


Say No to the Cashless Welfare Card Australia

WILKES, Miss Kathryn, Main Administrator

FEERICK, Mr Peter, Private capacity

SILK, Miss Crystal, Private capacity

Bundaberg and District Neighbourhood Centre

MASON, Mrs Annette, NILS Coordinator

WEBB, Mrs Patti, Retired NILS Coordinator

Fraser Coast Regional Council

SEYMOUR, Mr George, Mayor

Bundaberg and District Chamber of Commerce

SAYRE, Mr Tim, Vice President

IMPACT Community Services

BEER, Mr Steven, General Manager Operations

WHIFFIN, Ms Faye, Private capacity

Department of Social Services

HEFREN-WEBB, Ms Elizabeth, Deputy Secretary, Families and Communities

TALONI, Mr Bruce, Group Manager, Families and Communities Reform Group

PATTRICK, Mrs Selena, Branch Manager, Welfare Quarantining and Gambling Branch

BROWN, Mr Philip, Branch Manager, Policy Strategy and Capability Branch

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