Public hearings

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Monash Conference Centre, Melbourne


The George Institute for Global Health           

JAN, Professor Stephen, Professor of Health Economics, University of Sydney

BROOKS, Professor Peter Michael, Private capacity

Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia

DOWLING, Mrs Helen, Chief Executive Officer

Australian Society of Anaesthetists      

GRUTZNER, Dr Richard William, President
O'DONNELL, Mr Chesney John, Policy Manager
SINCLAIR, Dr Mark Fairbridge, Chairman, Economics Advisory Committee

Royal Australian College of General Practitioners

MARLES, Dr Elizabeth (Liz), President

National Rural Health Alliance

GREGORY, Mr Gordon, Executive Director
PHILLIPS, Mr Andrew, Policy Adviser

Australian Dental Association Inc.

ALEXANDER, Dr Karin, Federal President
IRVING, Mrs Eithne, Policy and Regulation Manager

SCALES, Ms Delia Eve, Private capacity


CONNORS, Mr James, Government and Regulatory Affairs Manager
O'BRIEN, Mr Dan, General Manager Corporate Affairs 


CROMBIE, Dr Dwayne Edward Nicol, Managing Director Health Insurance
LONGSHAW, Mr Adam, Director, Health & Benefits Management

Cancer Drugs Alliance

VINES, Mr Richard, Board Member
ZALCBERG, Professor John, Co-chair

Chronic Illness Alliance   

WALKER, Dr Christine, Executive Officer

Australian Council of Social Service

VASSAROTTI, Ms Rebecca, Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Carers Queensland Inc.

WALBANK, Ms Sarah, Policy and Research Officer

National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation

BRIGGS, Ms Lisa, Chief Executive Officer

Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation

GALLAGHER, Ms Jill, Chief Executive Officer
KING, Mr Jason B, Chair, and Chief Executive Officer, Victorian Aboriginal Health Service

Department of Health

BARTLETT, Mr Richard, First Assistant Secretary, Medical Benefits Division
CREECH, Mr Paul, Acting First Assistant Secretary, Pharmaceutical Benefits Division

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Parliament House, Canberra


Department of Health       

BARTLETT, Mr Richard, Acting Deputy Secretary
CAHILL, Ms Fifine, Acting First Assistant Secretary, Medical Services Division
COTTERELL, Mr Simon, Acting First Assistant Secretary, Portfolio Strategies Division
CREECH, Mr Paul, Acting Assistant Secretary, Pharmaceutical Benefits Division
CULLEN, Professor David, Chief Economist and Head, Strategic Policy Unit, Portfolio Strategies Division
McNEILL, Ms Felicity, First Assistant Secretary, Pharmaceutical Benefits Division

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

BOLAND, Ms Justine, Head, Statistics and Communication Group
WEBSTER, Dr Adrian, Head, Expenditure and Workforce Unit

Occupational Therapy Australia

BOTHAMS, Mr Peter, Vice President
BROOME, Dr Kieran, Chairperson, Queensland Divisional Council

Grattan Institute   

BREADON, Mr Peter, Health Fellow
DUCKETT, Dr Stephen, Director, Health Program

Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation

BUTLER, Ms Annie, Assistant Federal Secretary
THOMAS, Ms Lee, Federal Secretary

JEPSON, Dr Nigel Stuart, Private capacity

Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association

McAULIFFE, Mr Andrew, Executive Director

Australian Medical Association

OWLER, Associate Professor Brian, President
TRIMMER, Ms Anne, Secretary-General

Consumers Health Forum of Australia

RAI, Ms Priyanka , Policy and Communications Officer
STANKEVICIUS, Mr Adam, Chief Executive Officer

Council on the Ageing (COTA) Australia

ROOT, Ms Josephine Mary, National Policy Manager

Medical Technology Association of Australia

ROSS, Mr David, Director Healthcare Access

National Seniors Australia

SKINNER, Ms Marie Denise, Senior Policy Adviser

Catholic Health Australia

TOBIN, Mr Patrick, Director, Policy

National Health Performance Authority

WATSON, Dr Diane Elizabeth, Chief Executive Officer

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