Membership of the Committee

Mr Andrew Hastie MP (until 22/12/2020)
Senator James Paterson (from 04/02/2021)
Deputy Chair
Hon Anthony Byrne MP (until 18/10/2021)
Senator Jenny McAllister (from 19/10/2021)
Hon Mark Dreyfus QC MP
Dr Anne Aly MP
Ms Celia Hammond MP (from 03/02/2021)
Mr Peter Khalil MP (from 28/10/2021)
Mr Julian Leeser MP
Hon Kevin Andrews MP (from 02/12/2021)
Mr Andrew Wallace MP (from 28/10/2021 until 23/11/2021)
Mr Tim Wilson MP (until 08/10/2021)
Senator Amanda Stoker (until 22/12/2020)
Senator the Hon Eric Abetz
Senator the Hon David Fawcett
Senator the Hon Kristina Keneally

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