Submissions received by the Committee

Australia's domestic response to the World Health Organization's (WHO) Commission on Social Determinants of Health report "Closing the gap within a generation"

Submissions received by the Committee

Sub No.

1Beyond Blue Ltd (PDF 174KB) 
2Prof Sharon Friel (PDF 212KB) 
3Gippsland Women's Health Service (PDF 325KB) Attachment 1(PDF 126KB) 
4Hume Whittlesea Primary Care Partnership (PDF 307KB) 
5Doctors Reform Society (PDF 85KB) 
6Women's Health Victoria (PDF 40KB) 
7Southgate Institute, Flinders University (PDF 266KB) 
8Victorian Healthcare Association (PDF 227KB) 
9Centre for Health Equity Training Research and Evaluation (PDF 367KB) 
10Victorian Dental and Oral Health Therapist Association Inc (PDF 59KB) 
11Women's Health West (PDF 418KB) 
12Consumers Health Forum of Australia (PDF 311KB) 
13Public Health Information Development Unit (PDF 148KB) 
14Public Health Association of Australia (PDF 674KB) Attachment 1(PDF 839KB) Attachment 2(PDF 493KB) Attachment 4(PDF 470KB) 
15Macarthur Future Food Forum (PDF 167KB) 
16HealthWest Partnership (PDF 382KB) 
17Dr Matthew Fisher (PDF 79KB) 
18Australian College of Nursing (PDF 3347KB) 
19Catholic Health Australia (PDF 1194KB) Attachment 1(PDF 1299KB) Attachment 2(PDF 1002KB) Attachment 3(PDF 884KB) Attachment 4(PDF 1276KB) 
20Doctors for the Environment Australia Inc (PDF 255KB) 
21Family Planning NSW (PDF 315KB) 
22Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services (PDF 555KB) 
23Merri Community Health Services Limited (PDF 136KB) 
24Prof Hal Kendig (PDF 1875KB) 
25Community Indicators Victoria (PDF 448KB) 
26Tasmanian Social Determinants of Health Advocacy Network (PDF 170KB) 
Supplementary Submission(PDF 630KB) 
27Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations (PDF 169KB) 
28Australian Health Promotion Association (PDF 408KB) 
29Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association (PDF 233KB) 
30Australian Health Care Reform Alliance (PDF 605KB) 
31St Vincent's Health Australia (PDF 304KB) 
32Australian Nursing Federation (PDF 60KB) Attachment 1(PDF 749KB) Attachment 2(PDF 15KB) Attachment 3(PDF 30KB) Attachment 4(PDF 37KB) 
33Sydney Local Health District (PDF 429KB) 
34Australian Bureau of Statistics (PDF 81KB) 
35The Pharmacy Guild of Australia (PDF 242KB) 
36Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (PDF 182KB) 
37Municipal Association of Victoria (PDF 166KB) 
38Western Region Health Centre Ltd (PDF 228KB) 
39Health in All Policies Collaboration (PDF 744KB) 
40Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby (PDF 549KB) 
41Australian Women's Health Network (PDF 419KB) 
42National LGBTI Health Alliance (PDF 181KB) 
43South Western Sydney Local Health District (PDF 464KB) 
44Councils of Social Service (PDF 804KB) Attachment 1(PDF 146KB) Attachment 2(PDF 702KB) Attachment 3(PDF 4878KB) 
45The Royal Australasian College of Physicians (PDF 578KB) 
46General Electric (Australia and New Zealand) (PDF 95KB) 
47Cancer Council Australia and the National Heart Foundation of Australia (PDF 336KB) 
48Centre for Women's Health, Gender and Society (PDF 302KB) 
49The Australian Psychological Society Limited (PDF 589KB) 
50Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby Policy Working Group (PDF 527KB) 
51South Australian Government (PDF 275KB) 
52Australian Association of Social Workers (PDF 599KB) 
53Close the Gap Campaign for Indigenous Health Equality (PDF 303KB) 
54Australian Medical Students' Association (PDF 1046KB) 
55Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (PDF 946KB) 
56Central Australian Aboriginal Congress (PDF 4437KB) 
57Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance of the Northern Territory (PDF 489KB) Attachment 1(PDF 452KB) Attachment 2(PDF 152KB) 
58Australian National Preventive Health Agency (PDF 465KB) 
59National Rural Health Alliance (PDF 136KB) 
60Department of Health and Ageing (PDF 439KB) 
Supplementary Submission(PDF 1206KB) 
61Ms Liz Furler (PDF 127KB) 
62Men's Health Information and Resource Centre, UWS (PDF 78KB) 
63Australian Medicare Local Alliance (PDF 383KB) 
64Northern Territory Department of Health and Families (PDF 9378KB) 
65Australian Social Inclusion Board (PDF 136KB) 
66National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO) (PDF 347KB) 
67Social Determinants of Health Alliance (PDF 480KB) 
68Local Government Association of NSW and Shires Association of NSW (LGSA) (PDF 113KB) 

Additional Information Received

1Population Health Congress 2012 Communique from the Public Health Association of Australia, received 12 October 2012(PDF 330KB) 
2Constitution and Rules from the Public Health Association of Australia, received 12 October 2012(PDF 833KB) 
3Report of the National Preventive Health Surveillance Forum from the Australian National Preventive Health Agency, received 10 January 2013(PDF 811KB) 
4Preliminary advice to the NHMRC (Nov 2012) in relation to social determinants of health and research priorities from the Australian National Preventive Health Agency, received 10 January 2013(PDF 271KB) 
5Tabled documents from Australian National Preventive Health Agency, at Melbourne public hearing 11 December 2012(PDF 482KB) 

Answers to Questions on Notice

1Answers to Questions on Notice received from Victorian Healthcare Association, 13 December 2012(PDF 32KB) 
2Answers to Questions on Notice received from HealthWest Partnership, 20 December 2012(PDF 5428KB) 
3Answers to Questions on Notice received from Catholic Health Australia, 3 January 2013(PDF 8032KB) 
4Norwegian Public Health Policy Report 2009 (provided by Catholic Health Australia)(PDF 1030KB) 
5Answers to Questions on Notice received from Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby, 11 January 2013(PDF 18615KB) 
6Answers to Questions on Notice received from Australian Social Inclusion Board, 18 January 2013(PDF 29KB) 
7Answers to Questions on Notice received from Department of Health and Ageing, 15 March 2013(PDF 7923KB) 
8Answers to Questions on Notice received from Department of Education Employment and Workplace Relations, 27 March 2013(PDF 26KB) 

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