Submissions received by the Committee

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1Professor Graeme Orr (PDF 1081 KB) 
2A/Prof Vanessa Teague (PDF 3099 KB) 
3Mr Axel Brendel (PDF 120 KB) 
4Mr Peter Kirby (PDF 83 KB) 
5Dr Bruce Baer Arnold (PDF 78 KB) 
6Professor Anne Twomey (PDF 104 KB) 
7Mr Wayne Reilly (PDF 389 KB) 
8Australian Human Rights Commission (PDF 129 KB) 
9Dr Kevin Bonham (PDF 86 KB) 
10Australian National Audit Office (PDF 226 KB) 
11Council for the National Interest (PDF 139 KB) 
12Mr Rajeev Gore (PDF 169 KB) 

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