Public Hearings and Transcripts

Public Hearings and Transcripts

Date Location


02/02/2005 Canberra (PDF 36KB) (HTML format) (PDF 643KB)
03/02/2005 Canberra (PDF 142KB) (HTML format) (PDF 673KB)
10/02/2005 Canberra (PDF 23KB) (HTML format) (PDF 399KB)
24/02/2005 The Entrance (PDF 28KB) (HTML format) (PDF 560KB)
25/02/2005 Brisbane (PDF 36KB) (HTML format) (PDF 513KB)
10/03/2005 Canberra (PDF 21KB) (HTML format) (PDF 285KB)
13/04/2005 Cairns (PDF 33KB) (HTML format) (PDF 826KB)
14/04/2005 Cairns (PDF 34KB) (HTML format) (PDF 652KB)
23/06/2005 Canberra (PDF 22KB) (HTML format) (PDF 359KB)
28/06/2005 Armidale (PDF 40KB) (HTML format) (PDF 223KB)
29/06/2005 Tamworth (PDF 42KB) (HTML format) (PDF 624KB)
30/06/2005 Launceston (PDF 32KB) (HTML format) (PDF 456KB)
14/07/2005 Port Hedland (PDF 32KB) (HTML format) (PDF 698KB)
15/07/2005 Broome (PDF 32KB) (HTML format) (PDF 598KB)
18/07/2005 Bunbury (PDF 29KB) (HTML format) (PDF 391KB)
11/08/2005 Canberra (PDF 28KB) (HTML format) (PDF 214KB)
12/08/2005 Canberra (PDF 24KB) (HTML format) (PDF 460KB)
17/08/2005 Canberra (PDF 25KB) (HTML format) (PDF 218KB)
15/09/2005 Canberra (PDF 22KB) (HTML format) (PDF 135KB)

Further hearings for this inquiry will be listed as the dates are confirmed.

Each of the following three sections contains information relevant to the Terms of reference.

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