Appendix 3

Public hearings and witnesses

Monday, 27 September 20211
Committee Room 2S3
Parliament House
Grata Fund
Ms Isabelle Reinecke, Executive Director
Mr Oliver Ray, Strategic Litigation Solicitor
Accountability Round Table
Ms Fiona McLeod AO SC, Chair
Professor Spencer Zifeak, Director
The Hon. Dr Ken Coghill, Director (via teleconference)
Mr Stuart Hamilton AO, Director
Australian Human Rights Commission
Emeritus Professor Rosalind Croucher AM, President
Mr Graeme Edgerton, Acting General Counsel
Mr Geoffrey Watson SC, Private capacity
Mr Peter Timmins, Private capacity (via teleconference)
Professor Anne Twomey, Private capacity
Office of the Australian Information Commissioner
Ms Angelene Falk, Office of the Australian Information Commissioner
Ms Elizabeth Hampton, Acting Freedom of Information Commissioner
Ms Rocelle Ago, Principal Director, Freedom of Information Regulatory Group
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
Ms Leonie McGregor, First Assistant Secretary, Cabinet Division
Ms Lee Steel, First Assistant Secretary, Intergovernmental Relations and Reform
Mr John Reid, First Assistant Secretary, Government Division

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    All witnesses appeared via videoconference unless otherwise specified.

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