Appendix 4

Public Hearings

Wednesday, 27 May 2020
Committee Room 2S1
Parliament House
Emergency Leaders for Climate Action
Mr Greg Mullins AO, AFSM, Convenor
Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC
Dr Richard Thornton, CEO
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
Dr Peter Mayfield, Executive Director, Environment, Energy and Resources
Dr Dan Metcalfe, Deputy Director, Land and Water
Department of Home Affairs
Mr Robert Cameron, Director General, Emergency Management Australia
Mr Joe Buffone, Assistant Secretary, Crisis and Security Management Branch, Emergency Management Australia
Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet
Mr Phil Gaetjens, Secretary
Ms Stephanie Foster PSM, Associate Secretary, Governance Group
Mr Andrew Colvin APM, OAM, Deputy Secretary, National Bushfire Recovery Agency
Ms Caroline Millar, Deputy Secretary, National Security Division
Mr Simon Duggan, Deputy Secretary, Economy, Industry and G20 Sherpa
Ms Helen Wilson, First Assistant Secretary, Industry, Infrastructure, and Environment Division
Mr Trevor Jones, Assistant Secretary, Disaster Preparedness and Response Branch
Mr Matthew Roper, Acting First Assistant Secretary, COVID-19 Social Policy and Implementation
Ms Rina Bruinsma, First Assistant Secretary, National Bushfire Recovery Agency
Major General Andrew Hocking, First Assistant Secretary, National Bushfire Recovery Agency
Friday, 10 July 2020
Committee Room 2S3
Parliament House
Insurance Australia Group (IAG)
Mr Luke Gallagher, Executive General Manager, Short Tail Claims
Mr Mark Leplastrier, Executive Manager, Natural Perils
Mr Michael Miller, Executive General Manger, Motor, Property and Specialty Claims
Allianz Insurance (No submission)
Mr Nicholas Scofield, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer
Mr Brendan Dunne, Chief Customer Services Officer
QBE Insurance (No submission)
Mr Jon Fox, Chief Claims Officer
Mr Phuong Ly, Chief Underwriting Officer
Insurance Council of Australia (No submission)
Mr Rob Whelan, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer
Mr Karl Sullivan, Head of Risk and Operations
Australian Banking Association
Ms Anna Bligh AC, Chief Executive Officer
National Insurance Brokers Association
Mr Eric Harris, President
Mr Dallas Booth, Chief Executive Officer
Ms Rebecca Wilson, Director
Wednesday, 29 July 2020
Committee Room 2S1
Parliament House
Dr Sophie Lewis, Private capacity
Professor Jason Sharples, Private capacity
Australian National University
Professor Mark Howden, Director, ANU Climate Change Institute
Griffith University
Professor Brendan Mackey, Director, Griffith Climate Change Response Program (Submission 83) - via teleconference
Australian Academy of Science
Professor Christopher Dickman, University of Sydney, Fellow - via videoconference
Professor David Lindenmayer, Australian National University
Ecological Society of Australia
Dr Ayesha Tulloch, Vice President (Policy and Outreach) and University of Sydney Research Fellow - via videoconference
Associate Professor John Morgan, La Trobe University- via videoconference
Bureau of Meteorology - via videoconference
Dr Andrew Johnson, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Meteorology
Dr Karl Braganza, Head of Climate Monitoring
Geoscience Australia
Mr Simon Costello, Branch Head, National Location Information
Mr Mark Edwards, Director, Vulnerability and Resilience
Australian Space Agency - Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources
Mr Anthony Murfett, Deputy Head
Mr Ashley de Silva, Chief Executive Officer- via videoconference
Professor Alan Rosen AO - via videoconference, Private capacity
Mental Health Australia
Dr Leanne Beagley, Chief Executive Officer
National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation
Ms Dawn Casey, Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Australian Medical Association
Dr Tony Bartone, President - via videoconference
Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences
Professor Stephen Duckett, Director of the Health Program at the Grattan Institute - via videoconference
Royal Australian College of General Practitioners - via videoconference
Dr Penny Burns
Dr Glynn Kelly
Public Health Association of Australia
Mr David Templeman, President
Dr Ben Ewald - via videoconference
Thursday, 30 July 2020
Committee Room 1R3
Parliament House
Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund
Mr John Mitchell, President
Australian Council of Social Service
Dr Cassandra Goldie, Chief Executive Officer
Dr John Mikelsons, Senior Adviser
Ms Kellie Caught, Senior Advisor
Save the Children
Mr Howard Choo, Australian Social Policy and Advocacy Adviser
Australian Child & Adolescent Trauma, Loss & Grief Network and Emerging Minds
Ms Nicola Palfrey, Director
Mr Brad Morgan, Director, Emerging Minds
Foodbank Australia Ltd
Ms Brianna Casey, Chief Executive Officer
Ms Sarah Pennell, General Manager and Company Secretary
Australian Red Cross
Mr Andrew Coghlan, Head of Emergency Services
St Vincent de Paul Society
Mr Toby O'Connor, Chief Executive Officer
Mr John Feint, President, Canberra Goulburn Territory Council
The Salvation Army
Captain Stuart Glover, Head of Community Engagement
Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission
The Hon Dr Gary Johns, Commissioner
Wednesday, 12 August 2020
Committee Room 2S3
Parliament House
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) (via teleconference)
Mr David Anderson, Managing Director
BAI Communications (via videoconference)
Mr Peter Lambourne, Chief Executive Officer
Commercial Radio Australia Ltd (via videoconference)
Ms Joan Warner, Chief Executive Officer
Ms Sarah Kruger, Head of Legal and Regulatory Affairs
Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (via videoconference)
Mr Jon Bisset, Chief Executive Officer
Ms Holly Friedlander Liddicoat, Project Coordinator, Government Relations
Mr Gordon Waters, Station Manager, Braidwood FM
Department of Home Affairs (via teleconference)
Mr Robert Cameron, Director General, Emergency Management Australia
Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications
Mr Richard Windeyer, Deputy Secretary
Mr Andrew Madsen, Acting First Assistant Secretary
Mr Tristan Kathage, Assistant Secretary, Telecommunications Market Policy
Ms Rachel Blackwood, Acting Assistant Secretary, Spectrum & Telecommunications Deployment Policy Branch
Tuesday, 2 March 2021
Committee Room 2S1
Parliament House
Cobargo Recovery Fund
Ms Zena Armstrong, President
Cobargo Bushfire Relief Centre
Ms Christine Walters, Co-Coordinator
Social Justice Advocates of the Sapphire Coast
Mr Michael Brosnan
Mr Graeme Freedman, Private capacity
Catholic Social Services Australia
Dr Ursula Stephens, Chief Executive Officer
Ms Leanne Atkinson, St Vincent de Paul Society
Ms Therese Kearney, CatholicCare, Victoria
St Vincent de Paul Society (South Coast)
Mr John Feint, President - Canberra Goulburn Territory Council
Mr Raymond Akurst, Bushfire Recovery
Australian Business Volunteers
Ms Elizabeth Mackinlay – Executive Officer
Mr Tony Jennings, Private capacity
Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman
Dr Craig Latham, Deputy Ombudsman
Ms Alexandra Hordern, Director of Advocacy
Australian Prudential Regulation Authority
Dr Sean Carmody, Executive Director, Cross Industry Insights and Data
Mr Jonathan Wood, Head of Insurance Risk
Mr Peter Kohlhagen, General Manager, Advice and Approvals
Wednesday, 17 March 2021
Committee Room 2S3
Parliament House
National Bushfire Recovery Agency
Mr Andrew Colvin, National Coordinator
Major General Andrew Hocking, Deputy Coordinator
Ms Rina Bruinsma, Deputy Coordinator
Ms Tracey Bell, Acting Deputy Coordinator
Mr Gareth Appleton, Acting Assistant Secretary – Programs
Wednesday, 28 April 2021
North Richmond Panthers Club
33 Beaumont Ave
North Richmond
Blue Mountains City Council
Mr Matt Chambers, Manager, Environment.
Ms Tracy Burgess, Executive Business Manager
Hawkesbury City Council
Mr Jeff Organ, Director, Infrastructure Services
Ms Meagan Ang, Manager, Community Planning and Partnerships
Ms Jackie Carr, Executive Manager, Operations
Independent Bushfire Group
Mr Bill Shields
Mr Geoff Luscombe
Mr Ian Brown
Bilpin Region Advancement Group (BRAG)
Ms Graziella Obeid, Secretary
Ms Penny McKinlay, Private capacity
Mr Stephen Brown, Private capacity
Megalong Valley Community and Landowners Association (MVCLA)
Mr Max Horn
Ms Linda Greer
Ms Kristi Bryant, Private capacity
Bilpin Fruit Bowl
Ms Margaret Tadrosse, Proprietor
Mr Simon Tadrosse, Proprietor
Tuesday, 27 July 2021
Committee Room 2S1
Parliament House
Professor David Lindenmayer AO, Private capacity
Professor Roberta Ryan, Private capacity
Bushfire Building Council of Australia
Ms Kate Cotter, Chief Executive Officer (via videoconference)
Mr Matthew Lloyd-Cape, Private capacity
National Recovery and Resilience Agency
Ms Hannah Wandel OAM, Executive Director, Resilience, Strategy and Design
Dr Ilse Kiessling, Executive Director, Recovery Programs and Evaluation
Mr Nico Padovan PSM, Chief Operating Officer
Ms Alison Sommerville, Executive Director, Recovery Operations
Wednesday, 29 September 2021
Committee Room 2S3
Parliament House
Walwa Bush Nursing Hospital
Ms Sandi Grieve, Chief Executive Officer, Nurse Practitioner
Corryong Health
Mr Dominic Sandilands, Chief Executive Officer
Dr Rebecca McGowan, General Practitioner
Alpine Shire Council
Mr William Jeremy, Acting Chief Executive Officer
Towong Shire Council
Cr David Wortman, Mayor
Indigo Shire Council
Mr Trevor Ierino, Chief Executive Officer
Mr Mark Florence, Director Community & Economic Development
Rural City of Wangaratta
Mr Stephen Swart, Director of Development Services
City of Wodonga
Mr Mark Dixon, Chief Executive Officer
North East Water
Mr John Day, Executive Operations
Walwa Community Recovery Committee
Ms Janice Newnham
Corryong Community Recovery Committee
Ms Cathy Ross
Alpine Community Recovery Committee
Ms Fiona Nicholls
North East Tourism
Ms Bess Nolan-Cook, Chief Executive Officer
Alpine Resorts Management
Ms Amber Gardner, Chief Executive Officer
North East Wine Zone
Mr Rob Hawkings, Chair and Chief Executive Officer, Indigo Vineyards
HVP Plantations
Mr Rob Hescock, Chief Operating Officer

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