The administration and expenditure of funding under the Urban Congestion Fund

December 2021

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ISBN: 978-1-76093-321-0

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List of Recommendations



Executive Summary

  Governance framework
  Ministerial interference and announcements
  ‘Busting’ congestion
  Transparency and accountability

Chapter 1—Introduction and background to the UCF

  Conduct of the inquiry
  Infrastructure Investment Program
  Governance arrangements
  Establishment of the UCF
  National Commuter Car Park Fund
  Australian National Audit Office
  Content and structure of report

Chapter 2—Commuter Car Park site selection processes

  ANAO findings – CCPF distribution
  The ‘top 20 marginals’ spreadsheet
  Government and Department response
  Production of documents to the Senate
  Views of submitters
  Committee views

Chapter 3—Funding and selection announcements

  Caretaker conventions
  CCPF project announcements
  CCPF project funding approval
  Abandoned and delayed projects
  Committee views

Chapter 4—Consultation on site selection

  Engagement with states
  Engagement with local government
  Merit criteria and non-competitive processes
  Committee views

Chapter 5—Administration of the UCF and the role of the UCF in reducing congestion

  Addressing congestion
  Project delivery and unreasonable project costs
  Carpark designs
  Department’s views and responses
  ANAO recommendations
  Committee views

Chapter 6—Administration, accountability and transparency

  Allocating funding through grants programs
  Statement of Ministerial Standards
  Role of the ANAO
  Establishment of a national ICAC
  Committee views

Dissenting Report - Coalition Senators

  Lack of commuter car parking was recognised as an issue in our big cities
  The Government had authority to take all of the decisions made under the Urban Congestion Fund

Appendix 1—National Commuter Car Park Fund projects

Appendix 2 - Chronology: Commuter Car Park Fund

Appendix 3 - Submissions and additional information

Appendix 4 - Public Hearings

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