Submissions received by the Committee

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1KPMG (PDF 110 KB) 
2Medicines Australia (PDF 43 KB) 
3Michael Johnson Associates (PDF 100 KB) 
4The Australasian Industrial Research Group (PDF 172 KB) 
5Ernst and Young (PDF 137 KB) 
6Australian Information Industry Association (PDF 290 KB) 
7Swanson Reed (PDF 201 KB) 
8Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (PDF 247 KB) 
9CPA Australia (PDF 115 KB) 
10Corporate Tax Association (PDF 334 KB) 
11PricewaterhouseCoopers (PDF 131 KB) 
12Deloitte (PDF 209 KB) 
13Minerals Council of Australia (PDF 218 KB) 
14Telstra (PDF 1695 KB) 
15Caltex Australia (PDF 1755 KB) 
16BDO Australia (PDF 122 KB) 
17The University of New South Wales (PDF 317 KB) 
18Australian Industry Group (PDF 406 KB) 

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