Appendix 2

Public hearing

Monday, 9 March 2020
Portside Centre
Financial Services Council
Ms Jane Macnamara, Senior Policy Manager, Superannuation and Retirement Incomes
Mr Michael Potter, Senior Policy Manager, Economics, Tax & Strategy
Australian Council of Trade Unions
Mr Joseph Mitchell, Workers' Capital Lead
Super Consumers Australia
Mr Xavier O'Halloran, Director
Mr Cameron Sinclair, Senior Policy Advisor
Trade Workers Union Super
Mr Frank Sandy, Chief Executive Officer
Mr Paul Ryan, Employer Director (Alternate)
Mr Michael Kaine, Employee Director
SMSF Association
Mr Peter Hogan, Head of Technical
UniSuper and National Tertiary Education Union
Mr Kevin O'Sullivan, Chief Executive Officer
Professor Peter Dawkins AO, Director
Mr Anand Thomas, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer
Ms Gabe Gooding, National Assistant Secretary
Mr Peter Summers, Executive Manager
Industry Super Australia
Mr Richard Watts, Consultant
Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees
Mr David Haynes, Senior Policy Manager
Ms Michelle Dowdell, Principal Advisor, Retirement Income Review Division
Mr Robert Jeremenko, Division Head, Retirement Income Policy Division
Mr Alex Maevsky, Manager, Retirement Income Policy Division
Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Mr Scott Barklamb, Director, Workplace Relations Team
Ms Tamsin Lawrence, Deputy Director, Workplace Relations Team

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