Submissions received by the Committee

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1Dr Craig Emerson (PDF 132 KB) 
2CS Energy Ltd (PDF 813 KB) 
3Consumer Action Law Centre (PDF 213 KB) 
4Meridian Energy Australia Powershop (PDF 182 KB) 
5Snowy Hydro Limited (PDF 258 KB) 
6ATCO (PDF 489 KB) 
7Grattan Institute (PDF 164 KB) 
8Energy Networks Australia (PDF 264 KB) 
9Business Council of Australia (PDF 812 KB) 
10EnergyAustralia (PDF 1161 KB) 
11Australian Energy Council (PDF 1590 KB) 
12Origin  (PDF 535 KB) 
13AGL (PDF 833 KB) 
14NT Government (PDF 2108 KB) 
15Ai Group (PDF 773 KB) 
16Law Council of Australia (PDF 235 KB) 
17Electrical Trades Union of Australia (PDF 202 KB) 
18Department of the Environment and Energy (PDF 293 KB) 
19Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining & Energy Union (CFMEU) (PDF 130 KB) 

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