Appendix 2

Public hearings and witnesses

Monday, 6 February 2017 – Canberra

BREHENY, Mr Simon, Director, Policy, Institute of Public Affairs   

BRIGGS, Mr Blake, Senior Policy Manager for Superannuation, Financial Services Council       

BRODERICK, Mr Philip, Member, Superannuation Technical Committee, Tax Institute   

BUCKLEY, Mrs Sandra, Executive Officer, Women in Super

CAMPO, Ms Robbie, Policy Committee Member, Women in Super  

COLE, Ms Nerida, Managing Director; Head of Advice, Dixon Advisory    

DALEY, Mr Brian, Capital Stewardship Officer, Australian Council of Trade Unions

DALEY, Professor John, Chief Executive Officer, Grattan Institute  

DIAMANTES, Mr Dimitri Peter, Policy Manager, Financial Planning Association of Australia   

GALLAGHER, Mr Phil, Policy Adviser, Industry Super Australia     

HANSELL, Mr Allan, Director of Policy and Global Markets, Financial Services Council           

HAYNES, Mr David, Executive Manager, Policy and Research, Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees   

HODGSON, Associate Professor Helen, Member, Social Policy Committee, National Foundation for Australian Women  

LINDEN, Mr Matthew, Director of Public Affairs, Industry Super Australia

McCREA, Mr Glen, Chief Policy Officer, Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia     

VOLPATO, Ms Karen, Senior Policy Adviser, Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees  

YATES, Mr Ian, AM, Chief Executive, Council of the Ageing Australia       

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