Terms of Reference

That the following matter be referred to the Economics References Committee or inquiry and report by the last sitting day in 2024:

Australia’s residential electrification efforts, with particular reference to:
(a) the economic opportunities of household electrification, including but not limited to:
(i) long-term reduction of energy price inflation,
(ii) long-term employment opportunities, and
(iii) the scaling up of domestic capacity;
(b) the macro-barriers to increasing the uptake of home electrification;
(c) the total upfront cost and longer-term benefits of household electrification and alternative models for funding and implementation;
(d) the marginal cost of abatement for household electrification compared to alternative sectors and options to decarbonise the economy;
(e) the optimal timeline for household electrification accounting for the likely timing of decarbonising electricity;
(f) the impacts and opportunities of household electrification for domestic energy security, household energy independence and for balance of international trade;
(g) the impacts of household electrification on reducing household energy spending and energy inflation as a component of the consumer price index;
(h) solutions to the economic barriers to electrification for low-income households;
(i) the effectiveness of existing Australian Federal, state and local government initiatives to promote and provide market incentives for household electrification;
(j) Australia’s current standing against international standards, particularly with respect to the uptake of rooftop solar, batteries and electric household appliances; and
(k) any other matters.

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