Appendix 2

Public hearings

Friday, 19 February 2021
Committee Room 2S3
Parliament House
Australian Banking Association
Ms Anna Bligh, Chief Executive Office
Property Council of Australia
Mr Michael Zorbas, Group Executive Policy & Advocacy
Housing Industry Association
Mr Geordan Murray, Executive Direction—Industry Policy
Mr Tim Reardon, Chief Economist
Master Builders Australia
Mr Alex Waldren, National Director—Industry Policy
Mr Shane Garrett, Chief Economist
Consumer Action Law Centre
Mr Gerard Brody, Chief Executive Officer
Financial Counselling Australia
Ms Fiona Guthrie, Chief Executive Officer
Mr Alan Kirkland, Chief Executive Officer
Mr Patrick Veyret, Policy & Campaign
Financial Rights Legal Centre
Ms Karen Cox, Chief Executive Officer
Ms Julia Davis, Policy & Communications Officer
Western Australian Council of Social Service Inc
Mr Chris Twomey, Research and Policy Development Leader
Mr Graham Hansen, Senior Policy Officer
Ms Eva Perroni, Senior Policy Officer
Consumer Household Equipment Rental Providers Association (CHERPA)
Mr Steve King, President
Mr Timothy McKenzie
Indigenous Consumer Assistance Network
Ms Jillian Williams, Operations Manager
Ms Jenny King, Financial Counsellor
Ms Sharon Edwards, Financial Capacity Coordinator
Friday, 26 February 2021
Committee Room 2S3
Parliament House
Economic Abuse Reference Group
Ms Laura Bianchi, Team Leader—Redfern Legal Centre
Ms Gayatri Nair, Policy and Capacity Building Officer—Redfern Legal Centre
Ms Dacia Abela, Senior Lawyer Economic Abuse—WEstjustice
Customer Owned Banking Association (COBA)
Mr Michael Lawrence, Chief Executive Officer
Ms Sally MacKenzie, Director of Strategy and Stakeholders
Australian Council of Trade Unions
Mr Christopher Watts, Senior Policy Advisor
Mr Mark Pannowitz, National Industrial Officer—Finance Sector Union of Australia
Mr Clive Pattison, National Research Officer—Finance Sector Union of Australia
Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI)
Mr Daniel Popovski, Senior Advisor Economics and Industry Policy
Dr Ross Lambie, Chief Economist
Commercial & Asset Finance Brokers Association of Australia (CAFBA)
Mr Matthew Atkin, President
Mr David Gandolfo, Advocacy Chair & Immediate Past President
Law Council of Australia
Mr Ben Slade, Chair
Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC)
Mr Sean Hughes, Commissioner
Ms Joanna Bird, Executive Director—Financial Services and Wealth
Mr Tim Gough, Senior Executive Leader—Credit and Banking
Australian Prudential Regulation Authority
Ms Renée Roberts, Executive Director—Policy and Advice Division
Mr Gideon Holland, Policy
The Treasury
Ms Claire McKay, Director
Mr Simon Writer, First Assistant Secretary and Chief Counsel
Ms Amy Auster, Chief Advisor—Markets Group

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