Appendix 2

Public hearings

Melbourne VIC, 21 April 2017

Members in attendance: Senators Hume, Ketter


BERG, Dr Chris, Private capacity

BROADHURST, Ms Diana Maree, Associate General Counsel, Amazon

CROKER, Mr Michael, Tax Leader for Australia, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand

DAVIDSON, Professor Sinclair, Private capacity

DEUTSCH, Professor Robert, Senior Tax Counsel, the Tax Institute

DRUM, Mr Paul Joseph, Head of Policy, CPA Australia

DYCE, Mr Timothy, Deputy Commissioner, Indirect Tax, Australian Taxation Office

EWING, Mr Robert, Principal Adviser, Tax Analysis Division, the Treasury

FOSTER, Ms Kristen, Director, Government Relations, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South East Asia, eBay

GARNER, Mr Kim, Chairman, Board of Directors, Conference of Asia Pacific Express Carriers; and Managing Director of Australasia, FedEx Express

GEALE, Mr Jeremy, Deputy Chief Tax Counsel, Australian Taxation Office

HUDSON, Mr James, Director, Corporate Affairs and Marketing, Alibaba Group

KAMALAPURAM, Mr Prashant Rao, Director, International Tax, Amazon

LINCOLN, Mr Kainoa James, Business Operations Adviser, Freight and Trade Alliance

MARAR, Mr Satyajeet, Director, MyChoice Australia; Research Associate, Australian Taxpayers' Alliance

MICHAEL, Mr Heath, Director Policy, Government and Corporate Relations, Australian Retailers Association

O'LOGHLEN, Mr John, Director, Business Development Australia and New Zealand, Alibaba Group

PARK, Mr Joo Man, Managing Director, Australia and New Zealand, eBay

PULLEN, Mr David, Manager, Individuals and Indirect Tax Division, the Treasury

PURVIS-SMITH, Mrs Marisa, Division Head, Individuals and Indirect Tax Division, the Treasury

RYNNE, Mr Brendan, Partner, KPMG

SOMERVILLE, Mr Benjamin John, Secretary, Conference of Asia Pacific Express Carriers; and Senior Manager of Customs and Regulatory Affairs, Oceania Region, DHL Express (Australia)

SOUTHWELL, Mr Paul, Assistant Commissioner, Client Engagement Governance, Reporting and Practice, Australian Taxation Office

STEEN, Ms Angela, Director, Government Relations, Etsy

TURNER, Ms Erin, Acting Director, Content, Campaigns and Communications, Choice

WILLIS, Mr Kevin Joseph, Director, Global Trade Services, Amazon

ZALAI, Mr Paul, Director, Freight and Trade Alliance

ZIMMERMAN, Mr Russell, Executive Director, Australian Retailers Association

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