Submissions received by the Committee

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1China Policy Centre (PDF 56 KB) 
2Law Council of Australia (PDF 181 KB) 
3Scentre Group (PDF 525 KB) 
4Dr Yongqiang Li (PDF 82 KB) 
5Herbert Smith Freehills (PDF 156 KB) 
6The Treasury (PDF 2208 KB) 
7Professor Clinton Fernandes (PDF 483 KB) 
7.1 Supplementary to submission 7 (PDF 153 KB) 
8The Australia Institute (PDF 603 KB) 
9Uniting Church in Australia (PDF 3588 KB) 
10Property Council of Australia (PDF 1806 KB) 
11Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (PDF 1031 KB) 
12Premier of Western Australia (PDF 686 KB) 
13Mr Joel Bunn (PDF 201 KB) 
ATO Response (PDF 309 KB) 
14Joint Submission - Department of Home Affairs,AUSTRAC,AFP,ACIC (PDF 181 KB) 
15Professor Allan Fels (PDF 697 KB) 
16Group of 100 (PDF 332 KB) 
17Associate Professor Shumi Akhtar (PDF 915 KB) 
18Dr Farida Akhtar (PDF 555 KB) 
19Dr Kiah Smith (PDF 1670 KB) 
20Dr Remy Davison (PDF 545 KB) 

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