Submissions received

Submission Number Submitter
1 Westworth Kemp Consultants
2 Ms Emma Tomkinson
3 Queensland Association of Independent Legal Services Inc. and the Federation of Community Legal Services (Vic) Inc.
4 The Fielding Foundation
5 Incredable Ltd
6 Mr Max Bourke AM
7 Queensland Law Society
8 Mr Melville Miranda
9 The Shepherd Centre
10 Australian Women's Health Network
11 Associated Christian Schools
12 Add-Ministry Inc.
13 Riverview Church
14 Aged and Community Services NSW and ACT
15 Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans
16 Creating Australia
17 Uniting Church in Australia National Assembly
18 Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia
19 National Disability Services
20 CPA Australia
21 Law Council of Australia

Logicca Pty Limited

23 All Together Now
24 Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies, Queensland University of Technology
25 Ms Rowena Skinner
26 The Synergy XChange Ltd
27 Conservation Council of South Australia
28 Better Boards Australasia
29 Effective Governance Pty Ltd
30 Churches of Christ of Community Care in Victoria and Tasmania
31 Blue Mountains and Lithgow Integrated Neighbourhood Network
32 Mr John Butcher
33 MGI Australasia
34 Legacy Australia Council
35 UnitingCare Australia
36 Western Australian Council of State School Organisations Inc.
37 Housing Industry Association Ltd
38 Ms Elizabeth Eaton
39 The Reach Foundation
40 The Difference
41 Mr Carlo Silipo
42 Mr John Church
43 Dr Ted Flack
44 Our Community
45 Neumann and Turnour Lawyers
46 Women's and Children's Hospital Foundation
47 Philanthropy Australia
48 Association Executive Services
49 Ms Wesa Chau
50 Australian and New Zealand Third Sector Researchers
51 Hanrick Curran Audit Pty Ltd
52 Mr Robert Fitzgerald AM
53 Federation of Victorian Traditional Owner Corporations
54 Native Title Services Victoria Ltd
55 National Native Title Council
56 Mr Gary James Potts
57 Entrust Foundation
58 Catholic Health Australia
59 Centre for Civil Society
60 St Vincent de Paul Society, National Council of Australia
61 Governance Institute of Australia Ltd
62 Community Employers WA
63 The Smith Family
64 Mr Colin Brennan
65 RDL Accountants
66 Corney and Lind Lawyers Pty Ltd
67 The Wilderness Society (South Australia) Inc.
68 The Wilderness Society Qld Inc.
69 The Wilderness Society Tasmania Inc.
70 Ms Elizabeth Cham
71 Australian Ethical Investment Ltd
72 Association of Australian Medical Research Institutes
73 South Australian Council of Social Service
74 Moore Stephens Australia
75 Breast Cancer Network Australia
76 Australian Catholic Bishops Conference
77 World Vision Australia
78 Local Community Services Association
79 Performance Partners
80 PricewaterhouseCoopers
81 Mr Raymond Budge
82 Australian Conservation Foundation
83 Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation
84 Lark Philanthropy
85 Reynolds Sullivan and Associates Pty Ltd
86 The Myer Family Company Ltd
87 Church Communities Australia
88 YWCA Australia
89 Community Council for Australia
90 Law Institute of Victoria
91 Community and Public Sector Union
92 Asia-Pacific Centre for Social Investment and Philanthropy, Swinbourne University of Technology
93 Amnesty International Australia
94 Australian Institute of Company Directors

Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission

96 Independent Schools Council of Australia
97 Australian Association of Christian Schools
98 Mr Robert Cameron
99 Dr Marina Nehme, Faculty of Law, University of New South Wales
100 Institute of Public Accountants
101 Department of Social Services

Financial Services Council

103 Universities Australia
104 Women’s Legal Service Victoria
105 Australian Marine Conservation Society
106 Consumers Health Forum of Australia
107 War Widows' Guild of Australia NSW Ltd
108 The Community Brave Foundation
109 ACT Government
110 Volunteering Australia
111 Good Beginnings Australia
112 Australian Council of Social Service
113 Justice Connect
114 Professor David Gilchrist, Curtin Not-for-profit Initiative
115 Moores Legal Pty Ltd
116 Cancer Council Queensland
117 Humane Society International
118 Neuroscience Research Australia
119 Life Activities Clubs Victoria Inc.
120 Fundraising Institute of Australia
121 Sustainability Showcase
122 RSPCA Australia
123 Save the Children Australia
124 Anglicare Australia
125 John Pierce Centre
126 Ms Stacey O'Brien
127 Mr Andrew Cox
128 Ms Sue Cooke
129 William Buck (NSW) Pty Limited
130 Cult Information and Family Support Inc.
131 Australian Major Performing Arts Group
132 Catholic Education Offices of Melbourne, Ballarat, Sale and Sandhurst
133 Anglican Church Diocese of Sydney
134 Jesuit Social Services
135 Australian Baptist Ministries
136 National Catholic Education Commission
137 Australian Christian Lobby
138 Mr Robert Wright
139 Mr Peter Haggstrom
140 Ms Helen Styles
141 Ms Sarah Moles
142 Mr David Zwolski
143 Mr Neil Davidson
144 Ms Taya Seidler
145 Paxton-Hall Lawyers Pty Ltd
146 Creating Australia
147 Professor Myles McGregor-Lowndes
148 Mr Tom Dickson
149 The Not-for-Profit Project, University of Melbourne Law School
150 Ms Esther Rockett
151 Jobs Australia
152 Australian Council for International Development
153 Prolegis Lawyers
154 Australian Securities and Investments Commission

Dr Joyce Chia

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