Submissions received by the Committee

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1Mr Benjamin Cronshaw (PDF 245 KB) 
2Anglicare Australia (PDF 733 KB) 
3Hancock Prospecting Pty Ltd (PDF 205 KB) 
4Grain Producers Australia (PDF 334 KB) 
5Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA (PDF 227 KB) 
6Institute of Public Affairs (PDF 203 KB)  Attachment 1 (PDF 898 KB) 
7National Seniors Australia (PDF 754 KB) 
8The Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia (PDF 211 KB) 
9Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PDF 229 KB) 
10National Farmers' Federation (PDF 263 KB) 
11Antipoverty Centre (PDF 339 KB) 
12Department of Veterans' Affairs (PDF 404 KB) 
13National Council of Women Western Australia (PDF 5171 KB) 
14Name Withheld (PDF 151 KB) 

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