Appendix 2

Public hearings

Tuesday, 9 March 2021
Main Committee Room
Parliament House
Australian Council of Social Service
Dr Cassandra Goldie, Chief Executive Officer
Ms Charmaine Crowe, Senior Advisor, Social Security
Ms Julie Stephen
COTA Australia
Mr Corey Irlam, Deputy Chief Executive
Centre for Social Research and Methods, ANU
Mr Ben Phillips, Associate Professor
Professor Matthew Gray, Director
Australia Institute and Centre for Future Work
Mr Matt Grudnoff, Senior Economist
Australian Retailers Association
Mr Paul Zahra, Chief Executive Officer
Aboriginal Peak Organisations NT
Ms Theresa Roe, Network Coordinator
Ms Leeanne Caton, Director
Ms Georgie Sutton, Policy and Governance Officer, Central Land Council
Professor Jon Altman, Private capacity
Department of Social Services
Mr Matt Flavel, Deputy Secretary, Social Security
Ms Mary McLarty, Acting Group Manager, Participation and Family Payments, Social Security
Ms Kath Paton, Branch Manager, Participation and Supplementary Payments, Social Security

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