Public hearings

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Parliament House, Canberra


National Social Security Rights Network        

BUTT, Mr Matthew, Executive Officer

Australian Council of Social Service

CROWE, Ms Charmaine, Senior Policy and Advocacy Officer

GOLDIE, Dr Cassandra, Chief Executive Officer

Goodstart Early Learning           

CHERRY, Mr John, Advocacy Manager

Early Learning and Care Council of Australia          

NOTT, Mr Bernie, Co-chair

Australian Childcare Alliance

MONDO, Mr Paul, President

Early Childhood Australia          

PAGE, Ms Samantha, Chief Executive Officer

Australian Council of Trade Unions

TKALCEVIC, Ms Belinda, Director, Social and Economic Policy     

WATTS, Mr Christopher, Social and Economic Policy Advisor

GASKE, Ms Emeline, National Campaign Coordinator, Australian Services Union           

BIDDLESTONE, Ms Katie, National Campaign Coordinator, Shop Distributive and Allied Employees’ Association

CANNEN, Ms Emma, Research and Policy Analyst, United Voice    

GIBBONS, Ms Helen, Research and Policy Analyst, United Voice    

Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care

LEWIS, Dr Peter Colwyn, Acting Deputy Chief Executive Officer

ATKINSON, Ms Geraldine, Member

National Association of Mobile Services for Rural and Remote Families and Children

BOWLER, Mrs Anne, Chairperson

PATERSON, Ms Robyn Kay, Vice-Chairperson

National Council of Single Mothers and their Children

EDWARDS, Ms Terese, Chief Executive Officer

Combined Pensioners and Superannuants Association

VERSTEEGE, Mr Paul, Policy Coordinator

The Parenthood      

LESSIO, Ms Nicole, Principal Campaign Manager

JOHNSTON, Ms Jane, Parent Member

National Foundation for Australian Women

COLEMAN, Ms Marie Yvonne, Chair, Social Policy Committee

DAVIES, Mrs Frances, Member, Social Policy Committee

Department of Social Services

HALBERT, Ms Cath, Group Manager, Payments Policy

McGUIRK, Ms Emma Kate, Branch Manager, Work and Study Payments

DAVIS, Ms Anita, Acting Branch Manager, International and Means Test Policy

HARDY, Mr Matthew, Branch Manager, Family Payment and Child Support Policy

DeBURGH, Mr Russell, Branch Manager, Pensions and Integrity

Department of Education and Training

WILSON, Ms Jackie, Deputy Secretary, Early Childhood and Child Care

MITCHELL, Ms Gillian, Group Manager, Early Childhood Strategy Group

WILLING, Mr Jeff, Branch Manager, Legislation Reform

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