Submissions received by the committee as at 23/06/05

Inquiry into aged care

Submissions received by the committee as at 23/06/05

Sub No.
1 McEvoy, Mr John Myles (VIC) (PDF 53KB)
2 Shoalhaven Community Options Program (NSW) (PDF 99KB)
3 Spencer, Ms Geraldine (ACT) (PDF 45KB)
4 Addicott, Ms Glenda (VIC) (PDF 37KB)
5 Crofton, Ms Christine (PDF 76KB)
6 Samuels, Mr Anthony (NSW) (PDF 199KB)
7 Williams, Ms Nuala (PDF 66KB)
8 Horton House (NSW) (PDF 107KB)
9 Foy, Ms Gayl (NSW) (PDF 78KB) Supplementary submission (PDF 332KB)
10 Smith, Ms Vicky (VIC) (PDF 131KB)
11 Nirta, Ms Cathy (SA) (PDF 44KB)
12 Amato, Ms Rebecca (VIC)
13 Inner West 5 Home and Community Care (HACC) Forum (NSW) (PDF 266KB)
14 Winterton, Dr Peter (WA) (PDF 88KB)
15 Howes, Mr Ian (VIC) (PDF 100KB)
16 Older Persons Action Centre (VIC) (PDF 106KB)
17 Hellard, Ms Janine (VIC) (PDF 88KB)
18 Hunter Brain Injury Service (NSW) (PDF 148KB)
19 Healthy Ageing Project of Metropolitan Domiciliary Care (SA) (PDF 108KB)
20 Etchells, Ms Richelle (WA) (PDF 33KB)
21 Name withheld (PDF 119KB)
22 Habourside Haven Villages (NSW) (PDF 125KB)
23 West, Ms Raelene (VIC) (PDF 62KB)
24 McCusker, Dr Elizabeth (NSW) (PDF 82KB) Att 1 (PDF 68KB)
25 Nambucca Valley Community Services Council Inc (NSW) (PDF 66KB)
26 ACROD Limited (ACT) (PDF 188KB)
27 Thompson, Mr Rod (NSW) (PDF 83KB)
28 Price, Dr Kay; Alde, Ms Pamela; Provis, Dr Chris; Harris, Dr Roger; Stack, Dr Sue (SA) (PDF 277KB)
29 Stewart, Ms Nell (VIC) (PDF 78KB)
30 Best, Ms Donna (QLD) (PDF 65KB)
31 Royal Rehabilitation Centre Sydney (NSW) (PDF 146KB)
32 Greenacres Association (NSW) (PDF 119KB)
33 Deckys, Ms Dian (QLD) (PDF 201KB)
34 Deckys, Mr Aaron (QLD) (PDF 142KB)
35 Hunter Brain Injury Respite Options Inc (NSW) (PDF 113KB)
36 Silver Chain (WA) (PDF 198KB)
37 Centre for Research into Aged Care Services (WA) (PDF 238KB) Att 1 (PDF 483KB)
38 Stanley, Ms Ingrid (SA) (PDF 71KB)
39 Patricia Gladwell Aged Care Service (VIC) (PDF 221KB)
40 Boardman, Mr Peter (VIC) (PDF 297KB)
41 Southern Health (VIC) (PDF 645KB)
42 Motor Neurone Disease Association of NSW (NSW) (PDF 83KB)
43 Ethnic Child Care Family and Community Services Co-op (NSW) (PDF 82KB)
44 National Centre for Vocational Education Research Ltd (NCVER) (SA) (PDF 293KB)
45 Winkler, Ms Dianne (VIC) (PDF 162KB)
46 McKay, Dr Roderick & McDonald, Ms Regina (NSW) (PDF 114KB)
47 Karingal Inc (VIC) (PDF 194KB)
48 Elphick, Mrs Beverley (ACT) (PDF 60KB)
49 Townley, Ms Faye (VIC) (PDF 40KB)
50 Kilmore & District Hospital (VIC) (PDF 80KB)
51 Royal District Nursing Service (VIC) (PDF 45KB)
52 Brotherhood of St Laurence (VIC) (PDF 153KB)
53 Ashfield Municipal Council (NSW) (PDF 174KB)
54 St Bartholomew's House Inc (WA) (PDF 180KB)
55 Chrzescijanski, Ms Deirdre (QLD) (PDF 40KB)
56 Younger People in Aged Care Alliance(QLD) (PDF 321KB)
57 UnitingCare Australia (ACT) (PDF 377KB)
58 Palliative Care Victoria Inc (VIC) (PDF 214KB)
59 Health Services Union (NSW) (PDF 199KB)
60 Darwin Community Legal Service Aged & Disability rights Team (NT) (PDF 63KB)
61 Melbourne Citymission (VIC) (PDF 334KB)
62 Gippsland Carers Association Inc (VIC) (PDF 185KB)
63 Australian Huntington's Disease Association (NSW) Inc (NSW) (PDF 186KB)
64 Kapp, Ms Robyn (NSW) (PDF 87KB)
65 Langdown, Mr Nathan (QLD) (PDF 60KB)
66 ANF (Vic) Branch (VIC) (PDF 83KB) Att 1 (PDF 1379KB) Att 2 (PDF 78KB) Att 3 (PDF 122KB)
67 Barwon South West Acquired Brain Injury Network (VIC) (PDF 94KB)
68 Brain Tumour Australia Inc (ACT) (PDF 153KB)
69 Multiple Sclerosis Society of New South Wales (NSW) (PDF 236KB)
70 Office of the Public Advocate, South Australia (SA) (PDF 97KB)
71 Royal College of Nursing, Australia (RCNA) (ACT) (PDF 206KB)
72 Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) (VIC) (PDF 142KB)
73 Benetas (VIC) (PDF 133KB)
74 Australian Nursing Homes and Extended Care Association Limited (ANHECA) (ACT) (PDF 210KB)
75 Mental Health Co-ordinating Council (NSW) (PDF 108KB)
76 Witherby, Mr Angus (NSW) (PDF 81KB)
77 Motor Neurone Disease Association of Victoria Inc (VIC) (PDF 149KB)
78 Ballarat District Nursing & Healthcare Inc (VIC) (PDF 94KB)
79 Combined Pensioners and Superannuants Association of NSW Inc (NSW) (PDF 238KB)
80 Australian Society for Geriatric Medicine (NSW) (PDF 114KB)
81 Spinal Cord Injuries Australia (NSW) (PDF 114KB)
82 Ethnic Communities' Council of Victoria Inc (VIC) (PDF 134KB)
83 Giles, Ms Renee (VIC) (PDF 109KB)
84 Cox, Mr Ian (VIC) (PDF 118KB)
85 Carrington Centennial Trust (NSW) (PDF 785KB)
86 Bloor, Geoffrey on behalf of a group of social workers in Adelaide southern metropolitan area (SA) (PDF 70KB)
87 Australian Huntington's Disease Association (National) (NSW) (PDF 233KB)
88 Geriaction (NSW) (PDF 56KB)
89 Nurses Board of Western Australia (WA) (PDF 145KB)
90 Villamanta Legal Service (VIC) (PDF 135KB)
91 McRae, Mrs Jackie (NSW) (PDF 105KB)
92 Southern Cross Care (Tasmania) Inc (TAS) (PDF 124KB)
93 Ginnivan, Mr Denis (NSW) (PDF 67KB)
94 Lyndoch Residential & Community Care (VIC) (PDF 278KB)
95 Queensland Nursing Council (QLD) (PDF 445KB)
96 Cardinia Shire Council (VIC) (PDF 109KB)
97 Ryan, Ms Margaret (VIC) (PDF 75KB)
98 Resthaven Incorporated (SA) (PDF 102KB)
99 Habermann, Mr Daniel (QLD) (PDF 56KB)
100 Aged Care Assessment Service Victoria (VIC) (PDF 135KBt)
101 Municipal Association of Victoria (VIC) (PDF 193KB)
102 Neuro-Oncology Group of NSW (NSW) (PDF 104KB)
103 Ryan, Ms Moira (NSW) (PDF 69KB)
104 Osborn Sloan & Associates Pty Ltd (VIC) (PDF 176KB)
105 Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency Ltd (NSW) (PDF 269KB) Att 1 (PDF 265KB)
106 Baw Baw Shire Council (VIC) (PDF 24KB)
107 Moseby, Ms Sally (VIC) (PDF 80KB)
108 Saltarelli, Ms Lynda (VIC) (PDF 298KB)
109 Brain Injury Association of Tasmania (TAS) (PDF 187KB)
110 Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit, Liverpool Health Service (NSW) (PDF 215KB)
111 Carers Australia (ACT) (PDF 278KB)
112 Ward, Mr John (NSW) (PDF 141KB)
113 Kelly, Ms Dianne (QLD) (PDF 72KB)
114 Lutheran Aged Care (NSW) (PDF 107KB)
115 Macarthur Aged & Disability Forum (NSW) (PDF 372KB)
116 Blue Care (QLD) (PDF 403KB)
117 Lismore City Council (NSW) (PDF 131KB)
118 Alzheimer's Australia (ACT) (PDF 141KB)
119 ABI Behaviour Consultancy (VIC) (PDF 118KB)
120 Adelaide North East Division Regional Medication Advisory Committee (MAC) (SA) (PDF 119KB)
121 Office of the Public Advocate, Vic (VIC) (PDF 171KB)
122 Health Services Union of Australia (VIC) (PDF 374KB)
123 Nicholson, Noreen and co-signatories (VIC) (PDF 120KB)
124 LHMU (Liquor Hospitality and Miscellaneous Union) (NSW) (PDF 352KB)
125 Aged and Community Services SA&NT (SA) (PDF 283KB) Att 1 (PDF 187KB) Att 2 (PDF 137KB)
126 Inability Possability Incorporated (VIC) (PDF 181KB)
127 Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council (ACT) (PDF 184KB)
128 Hudson, Associate Professor Rosalie (VIC) (PDF 102KB)
129 Australian Medical Association Limited (ACT) (PDF 265KB)
130 Elleray, Mr John (NSW) (PDF 156KB)
131 Underwood, D (QLD) (PDF 77KB)
132 Cullen, Ms Carol (QLD) (PDF 88KB)
[Please note submissions 132 to 148 contain the same wording therefore only submission 132 has been loaded electronically]
133 Gilbert, Ms Cherrilyn (QLD)
134 Davis, S J (QLD)
135 Stewart, Ms Tess (QLD)
136 Massie, Mrs M (QLD)
137 Cheah, Dr James W (QLD)
138 Moir, Mr Simon (QLD)
139 Owers, Mr Anthony and Owers, Mrs Christine (NSW)
140 Owers, Mr Noel (QLD)
141 Gromm, Mr Suewyan (QLD)
142 Schmitz, Ms Margaret (QLD)
143 Owers, Mr Gregory (QLD)
144 Martin, Ms Teresa (QLD)
145 Griffin, D J (QLD)
146 Bainbridge, M (QLD)
147 Kelly, Ms Sarah (QLD)
148 Thomas, Mr Darren (QLD)
149 Fuller, Mr Gordon
Way-Fuller, Ms Margaret
Way, Mr Cameron (NSW) Part 1 (PDF 3472KB) Part 2 (PDF 189KB) Supplementary submission (PDF 36KB) Part 3 (PDF 639KB) Supplementary submission (PDF 123KB)
150 Victorian Association of Health & Extended Care (VAHEC) (VIC) (PDF 299KB) Att 1 (PDF 244KB) Att 2 (PDF 162KB)
151 Mullett, Mr Doug (VIC) (PDF 386KB) Att 1 (PDF 62KB)
152 Warn, Ms Patti (NSW) (PDF 442KB)
153 Read, Ms Lorraine (NSW) (PDF 100KB)
154 Morgan, Ms Jean (NSW) (PDF 114KB)
155 National Disability Administrators (QLD) (PDF 1107KB)
156 ParaQuad Victoria (VIC) (PDF 271KB)
157 Headway Victoria (VIC) (PDF 328KB)
158 Advocacy Tasmania (TAS) (PDF 132KB)
159 Tandara Lodge Community Care Inc (TAS) (PDF 147KB)
160 National Alliance of Young People in Nursing Homes (VIC) (PDF 514KB) Att 1 (PDF 159KB) Att 2 (PDF 500KB)
161 Kendig, Professor Hal (NSW) (PDF 830KB)
162 Baptistcare (WA) (PDF 158KB)
163 Armstrong, Ms Jan (NSW) (PDF 114KB)
164 Physical Disability Council of Australia Ltd (PDCA) (QLD) (PDF 437KB)
165 Tasmanian Council of Social Service Inc (TasCOSS) (TAS) (PDF 124KB) Att 1 (PDF 1310KB)
166 Catholic Health Australia (ACT) (PDF 313KB)
167 ACT Disability, Aged and Carer Advocacy Service Inc (ADACAS) (ACT) (PDF 430KB) Att 1 (PDF 556KB)
168 Department of Family and Community Services (ACT) (PDF 128KB)
169 Ball, Ms Alaine (VIC) (PDF 58KB)
170 Aged and Community Services Association of NSW & ACT (NSW) (PDF 330KB)
171 O'Sullivan, Mr Damian (VIC) (PDF 50KB)
172 Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) (NSW) (PDF 173KB)
173 Aged and Community Services Australia (VIC ) (PDF 431KB) Att 1 (PDF 613KB) Att 2 (PDF 601KB) Att 3 (PDF 351KB)
174 COTA National Seniors (VIC) (PDF 420KB)
175 MS Society of Victoria and Australian Home Care Services (VIC) (PDF 1208KB) Att 1 (PDF 99KB)
176 Barker, Ms Helen (VIC) (PDF 51KB)
177 Barker, Ms Angela (VIC) (PDF 96KB)
178 Ethnic Communities' Council of NSW (NSW) (PDF 325KB)
179 NSW Nurses' Association (NSW) (PDF 254KB) Att 1 (PDF 187KB)
180 Victorian Government (VIC) (PDF 182KB)
181 Public Advocate -Queensland (QLD) (PDF 192KB)
182 Victorian Healthcare Association Limited (VIC) (PDF 165KB) Supplementary submission (PDF 230KB)
183 McKenna, Ms Lucille (NSW) (PDF 101KB)
184 Dietitians Association of Australia (ACT) (PDF 163KB)
185 Nolan, Ms Mary (VIC) (PDF 468KB)
186 Queensland Nurses Union (QLD) (PDF 241KB)
187 Benevolent Society (NSW) (PDF 240KB)

Headstart Community Access Programme Inc (NSW) (PDF 79KB)

189 Queensland Divisions of General Practice (QLD) (PDF 173KB)
190 HOPES Inc (TAS) (PDF 204KB) Att 1 (PDF 181KB
191 Department of Health and Ageing (ACT) (PDF 227KB)
192 Disability Services Commission Western Australia (WA) (PDF 126KB)
193 Queensland Government (QLD) (PDF 270KB)
194 Curran, Ms Roslyn (NSW) (PDF 43KB)
195 Horniblow, Mrs Barbara (VIC) (PDF 350KB)
196 Aged Care Queensland Inc (QLD) (PDF 859KB)


Wide Bay Division of General Practice (QLD) (PDF 335KB


Aged Care Lobby Group (SA) (PDF 98KB)


Care Leavers of Australia Network Inc (CLAN) (NSW) (PDF 82KB)


Tasmanian Government (TAS) (PDF 217KB)


Australian Nursing Federation (ANF) (ACT) (PDF 418KB)


Department of Ageing, Disability & Home Care and NSW Health (NSW) (PDF 354KB)


The NSW Aged Care Alliance (NSW) (PDF 333KB) Attachment (PDF 510KB)


Council of Social Service NSW (NCOSS) (NSW) (PDF 363KB) Attachments (PDF 792KB) (PDF 456KB)


Victorian Brain Injury Recovery Association Inc (VBIRA) (VIC) (PDF 516KB)


NSW Retired Teachers Association (NSW) (PDF 134KB)


Australian Psychological Society (VIC) (PDF 363KB)


National Rural Health Alliance (NSW) (PDF 190KB)


Community Care Coalition (VIC) (PDF 197KB) Attachment (PDF 159KB)


DSP Australia Inc (VIC) (PDF 50KB)


Duncan, Dr Norma Jean (NSW) (PDF 207KB)


Grundell, Erica and Reilly, Mr Richard (VIC) (PDF 29KB)


Cullinan, Chris (VIC) (PDF 200KB)


Lions Club of Sunbury Elderly Peoples Home Incorporated (VIC) (PDF 475KB)


O'Loughlin, Ms Chris  (SA) (PDF 14KB)


Hornberg, Ms Tanya  (QLD) (PDF 11KB)


No submission


The New South Wales Council for Intellectual Disability  (NSW) (PDF 272KB)


Neill, Ms Tanya  (NSW) (PDF 27KB)


McIntyre, Mr John  (ACT) (PDF 12KB)


Zaharopoulos, Desi (PDF 18KB)


Gladman, Ms Catherine  (ACT) (PDF 16KB)


Gellatly, Mr Barry and Mrs Jan  (VIC) (PDF 221KB)


Fronditha Care Inc and DutchCare Ltd  (VIC) (PDF 129KB)


Tierney, Dr Joan  (VIC) (PDF 62KB)


McCormack, Ms Eileen  (VIC) (PDF 201KB)


MS Society of Tasmania  (TAS) (PDF 70KB)


National Brain Injury Foundation  (ACT) (PDF 23KB)


The Mary Ogilvy Homes Society  (TAS) (PDF 82KB)


Bennett, Ms Sarah  (NSW) (PDF 56KB)


Schoenheimer, Ms Ruth (PDF 11KB)


Disability Action Inc  (SA) (PDF 511KB)


Anglican Care  (NSW) (PDF 109KB)


Office of the Public Guardian  (NSW) (PDF 36KB)


NSW Catholic Social Welfare Committee (NSW) (PDF 34KB)




Saul, Mr Edward  (NSW)  (PDF 1564KB)


Greening, Ms Janine  (VIC)  (PDF 91KB)


Sargent, Dr Leisa
Harley, Associate Professor Bill
Allen, Ms Belinda   (VIC)  (PDF 11KB)


The Totally and Permanently Disabled Soldiers' Association  (NSW)  (PDF 97KB)


Legacy Coordinating Council  (VIC)  (PDF 231KB)


Clements, Mr William James and Mrs Marie Edith  (NSW)  (PDF 159KB)


 Aged Care Crisis Team  (VIC)  (PDF 709KB)

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