Hepatitis C and the blood supply in Australia

Hepatitis C and the blood supply in Australia

14 June 2004

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Membership of the Committee (PDF 57KB)
Overview and Recommendations (PDF 75KB)
Chapter 1 - Introduction (PDF 140KB)

Terms of reference
Conduct of the inquiry
Background to the inquiry
Governance and blood banking in Australia
The National Blood Transfusion Committee
National Blood Authority
CSL Limited

Chapter 2 - Hepatitis C in Australia (PDF 316KB)

Timeline of history relating to hepatitis C
History and nature of Hepatitis C
Hepatitis C epidemiology
Number of people infected through blood transfusion
The discovery of HCV
Hepatitis C in the blood supply
Background to blood and blood products
Blood plasma and safety
Surrogate testing
Arguments for surrogate testing
Arguments against surrogate testing
Surrogate testing internationally
The possible prevention of hepatitis C infections by earlier
implementation of surrogate testing and donor deferral
First generation test for hepatitis C
Testing and exclusion of products destined for fractionation
Testing and notification policy in the introductory phase
Second generation testing
Testing for hepatitis C today
Australia’s self sufficiency in blood stocks
Blood from overseas being used in Australia
Collection from prison inmates
The global plasma market
The special case of haemophiliacs
Hepatitis C in the haemophilia community

Chapter 3 - The impact of Hepatitis C (PDF 170KB)

Health issues
Psychological impact
Social and relationship issues
Impact on earnings and career
Health care settings
The general community

Chapter 4 - The Krever Report (PDF 102KB)

What did Krever say?
Implications of criminal charges

Chapter 5 - Compensation arrangements (PDF 146KB)

Provision of compensation
Responses to compensation arrangements
National Managed Fund

Chapter 6 - Services for people with Hapatitis C (PDF 257KB)

Lookback program
Haemovigilance strategy
Government services
National Hepatitis C Strategy
Health maintenance, care and support services
Organisations supporting those with hepatitis C
Australian Hepatitis Council and State and Territory Councils
Haemophilia Foundation Australia
Tainted Blood Product Action Group
Health services for those living with hepatitis C
Access to antiviral treatment
Service delivery
Support services for those with hepatitis C
Need for further research
Special needs of haemophiliacs
Haemophilia Treatment Centres
Recombinant products
Education of the general community

Additional comments by Senator Steve Hutchins (PDF 103KB)
Appendix 1 - List of public submissions, tabled documents and other additional information authorised for publication by the Committee (PDF 109KB)
Appendix 2 - Witnesses who appeared before the committee at public hearings (PDF 87KB)
Appendix 3 -
(PDF format Only)
(PDF 147KB)

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