First report - Public hospital funding and options for reform

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First report - Public hospital funding and options for reform

11 July 2000

© Commonwealth of Australia 2000

ISBN 0 642 71044 9

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Membership of the Committee (PDF 7KB)
List of acronyms (PDF 8KB)
Preface (PDF 19KB)
Chapter 1 - Public hospital services and the australian health system (PDF 131KB)
Community interest in health care issues
Health sector expenditure
International comparisons

Key issues and challenges: public hospital sector

Indigenous Australians and public hospitals

Key issues and problems: public hospitals and the Australian health system

Complex nature of the health system as it relates to public hospitals

Relationship between the Commonwealth, States and Territories
Complexity of the health system: patient's perspective
Complexity of the health system: funding arrangements
Complexity of the health system: governments' role in medical practice

Cost shifting

Forms of cost shifting
Estimating the monetary value of cost shifting
Impact of cost shifting on patients
Level of concern at cost shifting

Relationship between the public and private sectors

Chapter 2 - The adequacy of funding for public hospitals (PDF 175KB)

Profile of the public hospital sector

Historical overview of the funding arrangements for public hospitals

Arrangements prior to Medicare
Medicare Agreements 1984-1988
Medicare Agreements 1988-1993
Medicare Agreements 1993-1998
Australian Health Care Agreements 1998-2003

Casemix-based funding

Overview of State and Territory funding arrangements for public hospitals

Adequacy of funding level for public hospitals

The Commonwealth's position
The position of the States and Territories
The consumer perspective

Perceptions of a funding `crisis' in public hospitals

Public hospital sector efficiency

Adequacy of funding in rural Australia

Patient travel assistance schemes

Concluding comments

Chapter 3 - Options for reform (PDF 165KB)