NDIS Workforce Final Report

February 2022

© Commonwealth of Australia 2022
ISBN: 978-1-76093-354-8

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List of Recommendations

Executive Summary

  Workforce conditions
  Thin markets
  Employment opportunities for people with disability
  Education, training and professional development
  Workforce Planning

Chapter 1—Overview

  Conduct of the inquiry
  Purpose of this report
  Structure of the report
  Note on terminology and references

Chapter 2—Background

  National Disability Insurance Scheme
  The NDIS workforce and its future growth needs
  Relevant parliamentary inquiries
  Work of other relevant bodies

Chapter 3—Updates since the NDIS Workforce Interim Report

  NDIS Workforce Inquiry Interim Report
  Government responses

Chapter 4—Workforce conditions

  Workforce conditions
  Committee view

Chapter 5—Thin markets

  Interim report
  Workforce plan and government response
  Submitter and witness views
  Committee view

Chapter 6—Employment opportunities for people with disability

  Employment opportunities for people with disability
  Committee view

Chapter 7—Education, training and professional development

  Education, training and professional development for the NDIS workforce
  Committee view

Chapter 8—Workforce Planning

  Marketing the NDIS
  Workforce data
  Workforce regulation
  Workforce planning
  Concluding comments

Appendix 1—List of Submitters and Additional Documents

Appendix 2—Public Hearings

Appendix 3—NDIS Workforce Interim report recommendations and Australian Government response

Appendix 4—Workforce Plan Implementation Timeline, October 2021

Committee Secretariat contact:

Joint Standing Committee on the National Disability Insurance Scheme
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Parliament House
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Phone: (02) 6277 3083
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