House of Representatives Committees

Joint Select Committee on the Republic Referendum

Committee Members

The Committee's resolution of establishment provides that the Committee should consist of 18 members in the following combination:

Mr R E Charles MP (Chairman) (Liberal Party, La Trobe, VIC)

Senator the Hon E Abetz (Liberal Party, TAS)

Hon D G H Adams MP (Australian Labor Party, Lyons, TAS)

Hon B G Baird MP (Liberal Party, Cook, NSW)

Ms J I Bishop MP (Liberal Party, Curtin, WA)

Senator the Hon N Bolkus (Australian Labor Party, SA)

Senator R L D Boswell (National Party, Qld)

Hon I R Causley MP (National Party, Page, NSW)

Mr M Danby MP (Australian Labor Party, Melbourne Ports, Vic)

Ms J G Hall MP (Australian Labor Party, Shortland, NSW)

Mr D P M Hawker MP (Liberal Party, Wannon, Vic)

Mr R B McClelland MP (Australian Labor Party, Barton, NSW)

Senator M A Payne (Liberal Party, NSW)

Hon L R S Price MP (Australian Labor Party, Chifley, NSW)

Mr C M Pyne MP (Liberal Party, Sturt, SA)

Ms N L Roxon MP (Australian Labor Party, Gellibrand, Vic)

Senator the Hon C Schacht (Australian Labor Party, SA)

Senator N J Stott Despoja (Australian Democrats, SA)

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