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Hon Dick Adams MP

Hon Dick Adams MP

Former Member

Australian Labor Party
House of Representatives


Parliamentary service
  • State: Elected to the Tasmanian House of Assembly for Franklin 1979. Defeated at general elections 1982.
  • Federal: Elected to the House of Representatives for Lyons, Tasmania, 1993. Re-elected 1996, 1998, 2001, 2004, 2007 and 2010. Defeated at general elections 2013.
Parliamentary appointments
  • Member of the National Library of Australia Council from 13.5.2011 to 5.8.2013.
Parliamentary positions
  • Member of the Speaker's Panel from 7.5.1996 to 5.8.2013.
Committee service
  • Joint Statutory: Broadcasting of Parliamentary Proceedings (formerly Broadcasting) from 30.5.1996 to 11.2.2002; Public Accounts and Audit from 17.8.2009 to 5.8.2013.
  • Joint Standing: Treaties from 17.6.1996 to 17.10.2007; Migration from 12.8.1999 to 11.2.2002; Parliamentary Library from 27.3.2006 to 5.8.2013 (Joint Chair from 21.6.2006 to 5.8.2013); National Capital and External Territories from 18.2.2008 to 5.8.2013; Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade from 28.3.2011 to 5.8.2013.
  • Joint Select: Republic Referendum from 9.6.1999 to 9.8.1999.
  • House of Representatives Standing: Employment, Education and Training from 12.5.1993 to 29.1.1996; Transport, Communications and Infrastructure from 12.5.1993 to 29.1.1996; Long Term Strategies from 26.5.1993 to 29.1.1996; Parliamentary Library from 29.5.1996 to 7.12.2005; Primary Industries, Resources and Rural and Regional Affairs from 8.12.1998 to 8.10.2001; Primary Industries and Regional Services from 8.12.1998 to 8.10.2001; Publications from 20.3.2002 to 17.10.2007; Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry from 20.3.2002 to 17.10.2007; Industry and Resources from 20.3.2002 to 17.10.2007; Petitions from 19.2.2008 to 5.8.2013; Primary Industries and Resources from 19.2.2008 to 19.7.2010; Agriculture, Resources, Fisheries and Forestry from 25.10.2010 to 7.9.2013 (Chair from 27.10.2010 to 7.9.2013).
  • House of Representatives Select: Recent Australian Bushfires from 27.3.2003 to 5.11.2003.
Conferences, delegations and visits
  • Member, Parliamentary Delegation to 14th AIPO General Assembly, Malaysia and bilateral visits to the Philippines and Brunei, from September-October 1993.
  • Member, Parliamentary Delegation to New Zealand, June 1997.
  • Member, Parliamentary Delegation to the AIPO General Assembly, Nusa Dua, Bali, and bilateral visits to Thailand and Laos, September 1997.
  • Member, Joint Standing Committee on Treaties visit to New Zealand, March 2000.
  • Member, Parliamentary Delegation to Hungary and Poland, October 2000.
  • Member, Parliamentary Delegation to Iran and Jordan, October-November 2002.
  • Member, Parliamentary Delegation to East Timor and Indonesia, September 2003.
  • Member, Parliamentary Delegation to Chile and Peru, November 2006.
  • Member, Parliamentary Delegation to Canada and Mexico, April-May 2009.
  • Member, Parliamentary Delegation to New Zealand, August 2009.
  • Member, Parliamentary Delegation to Brazil and Panama, April 2011.
  • Member, Parliamentary Delegation to Switzerland, Germany and Austria, October 2011.
  • Member, Parliamentary Delegation to Uganda and Kazakhstan, March-April 2012.
Party positions
  • Delegate to the Australian Labor Party National Conference.
  • Member of the Australian Labor Party from 1970.
  • Honorary State Secretary of the Australian Labor Party (Tas.), 1980.
  • Born 29.4.1951, Launceston, Australia
Qualifications and occupation before entering Federal Parliament
  • Meat worker.
  • Organiser for the Meat Industries Employees' Union.
  • Organiser for the Liquor and Hospitality and Miscellaneous Workers' Union.
  • Milkman.
State/Territory Government service
  • Elected to the Tasmanian House of Assembly for Franklin 1979. Defeated at general elections 1982.
  • Chairman of Committees and Deputy Speaker from 1980 to 1981.
  • Minister for National Parks, Lands, Aged Persons and Community Welfare from 13.10.1981 to 26.5.1982.
  • Name: Lyons
  • Location: the greater part of rural Tasmania; it includes the towns of Beaconsfield, Bothwell, Bridgewater, Brighton, Campbell Town, Deloraine, Dodges Ferry, Evandale, Exeter, Gagebrook, Longford, Midway Point, New Norfolk, Perth, Port Sorell, St Helens, Sheffield, Sorell and Westbury.
  • Area: 32,910 Sq km
  • Electors enrolled: 73,990 (at 7.9.2013)
  • Industries: Fishing, forestry, wool, cattle (dairy and beef), fruit, wine, hydro-power generation, mining and tourism.
  • Includes: Lyons is co-extensive with the Tasmanian House of Assembly electorate of the same name.