The Hon Dick Adams MP


Former Member

Australian Labor Party
House of Representatives


Parliamentary service
  • State: elected to the Tasmanian House of Assembly for Franklin 1979-82.
  • Federal: elected to the House of Representatives for Lyons, Tasmania, 1993, 1996, 1998, 2001, 2004, 2007 and 2010. Defeated at general elections 2013.
Parliamentary appointments
  • Parliamentary Representative on the Council of the National Library of Australia from 13.5.11 to 5.8.13.
Parliamentary positions
  • State: Chairman of Committees and Deputy Speaker 1980-81.
  • Federal: Member, Speaker's Panel from 7.5.96 to 5.8.13.
Ministerial appointments
  • State: Minister for National Parks, Lands, Aged Persons and Community Welfare 1981-82.
Committee service
  • House of Representatives Standing: Employment, Education and Training from 12.5.93 to 29.1.96; Transport, Communications and Infrastructure from 12.5.93 to 29.1.96; Long Term Strategies from 26.5.93 to 29.1.96; Library from 29.5.96 to 7.12.05; Primary Industries, Resources and Rural and Regional Affairs from 29.5.96 to 31.8.98; Primary Industries and Regional Services from 8.12.98 to 8.10.01; Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry from 20.3.02 to 17.10.07; Industry and Resources from 20.3.02 to 17.10.07; Primary Industries and Resources from 19.2.08 to 19.7.10; Agriculture, Resources, Fisheries and Forestry from 25.10.10 (Chair from 27.10.10) to 5.8.13; Publications from 20.3.02 to 17.10.07; Petitions from 19.2.08 to 5.8.13.
  • House of Representatives Select: Recent Australian Bushfires from 27.3.03 to 5.11.03.
  • Joint Statutory: Broadcasting of Parliamentary Proceedings from 30.5.96 to 11.2.02; Public Accounts and Audit from 17.8.09 to 5.8.13.
  • Joint Standing: Treaties from 17.6.96 to 17.10.07; Migration from 12.8.99 to 11.2.02; Parliamentary Library from 27.3.06 (Joint Chair from 21.6.06) to 5.8.13; National Capital and External Territories from 18.2.08 to 5.8.13; Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade from 28.3.11 to 5.8.13.
  • Joint Select: Republic Referendum from 9.6.99 to 9.8.99.
Conferences, delegations and visits
  • Member, Parliamentary Delegation to 14th AIPO General Assembly, Malaysia and bilateral visits to the Philippines and Brunei, September-October 1993.
  • Member, Parliamentary Delegation to New Zealand, June 1997.
  • Member, Parliamentary Delegation to the AIPO General Assembly, Nusa Dua, Bali, and bilateral visits to Thailand and Laos, September 1997.
  • Member, Joint Standing Committee on Treaties visit to New Zealand, March 2000.
  • Member, Parliamentary Delegation to Hungary and Poland, October 2000.
  • Member, Parliamentary Delegation to Iran and Jordan, October-November 2002.
  • Member, Parliamentary Delegation to East Timor and Indonesia, September 2003.
  • Member, Parliamentary Delegation to Chile and Peru, November 2006.
  • Member, Parliamentary Delegation to Canada and Mexico, April-May 2009.
  • Member, Parliamentary Delegation to New Zealand, August 2009.
  • Member, Parliamentary Delegation to Brazil and Panama, April 2011.
  • Member, Parliamentary Delegation to Switzerland, Germany and Austria, October 2011.
  • Member, Parliamentary Delegation to Uganda and Kazakhstan, March-April 2012.
Party positions
  • Member, ALP from 1970.
  • Honorary State Secretary, ALP (Tas) 1980.
  • Delegate, ALP National Conference.
  • Member, various state and federal committees.
  • Born 29.4.1951, Launceston, Tas.
Qualifications and occupation before entering Federal Parliament
  • Meat worker and rural worker.
  • Union organiser, Australian Meat Industries Employees' Union; Liquor and Hospitality and Miscellaneous Workers' Union, Miscellaneous Division.
  • Small business: milkman.
  • MHA, Tasmania (see Parliamentary Service above).
    Description: rural.
    Location: the greater part of rural Tasmania; it includes the towns of Beaconsfield, Bothwell, Bridgewater, Brighton, Campbell Town, Deloraine, Dodges Ferry, Evandale, Exeter, Gagebrook, Longford, Midway Point, New Norfolk, Perth, Port Sorell, St Helens, Sheffield, Sorell and Westbury.
    Area: 32 910 sq km (approx.).

    Electors enrolled: 72 865 (at 21.8.10).

    Industries: Fishing, forestry, wool, cattle (dairy and beef), fruit, wine, hydro-power generation, mining and tourism.
    State electorates: Lyons is co-extensive with the Tasmanian House of Assembly electorate of the same name.