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1.4.23 Tactile indicators Indicators designed to provide blind or vision-impaired pedestrians with orientation information by means of tactile perception. 1.4.24 Tactile perception The process of feeling the shape, surface and size of an object. 1.4.25 Vision impairment Any significant loss of sight.

Disability (Access to Premises - Buildings) - Parliament of Australia

This clause relates to the provision of tactile ground surface indicators to buildings required to be accessible. The clause appears to exempt fire isolated stairways and as stated above, it is our submission that only fire isolated stairs and ramps that are designated and required solely for emergency egress should be exempted from the Standards.

Appendix 1 - Definitions of mental health and mental illness

Hallucinations are false perceptions. They can be visual (seeing things that aren't there), auditory (hearing), olfactory (smell), tactile (feeling sensations on your skin that aren't really there, such as insects crawling on you), or taste. Disorders in this Category. Brief Psychotic Disorder; Delusional Disorder; Schizoaffective Disorder ...

ParlInfo - Federation Chamber : PRIVATE MEMBERS' BUSINESS : Black Spot ...

The shoulders of this road will be sealed, tactile edge lines will be installed and hazards will be removed to improve visibility along the road. The government's commitment to building better, safer roads is indicated not only through the Black Spot Program but also through the Roads to Recovery Program.

ParlInfo - GOVERNOR-GENERAL'S SPEECH : Address-in-Reply

Mega-cities are throwing people into total isolation, . . . The Internet, the global village . . . (are) driving people back on themselves: they are communicating with an inanimate object, with no tactile response or contact. The same with television, mere shadows on a screen . . . Alienation and isolation is becoming total.

STANDARDS AUSTRALIA Committee ME-064—Access for People with ...

access for people with sensory disabilities. The BCA sets out requirements for other features of the accessible built environment not covered in this Standard, such as lifts, hearing augmentation, tactile ground surface indicators, signage, glazing, lighting, car parking and toilet numbers, and distribution.

Appendix 5 - State Government funding eligibility criteria

Student requires additional information from alternative means of communication and/or the use of other senses (e.g. tactile) or aids. AND. Student requires a program beyond that solely for deaf/hearing impaired or blind/low vision. Vision impairment. Visual acuity that is 6/18 or less after correction. AND/OR

Content Details Comments - Parliament of Australia

The Access Code requires tactile ground surface indicators (TGSIs) to be provided to warn people who are blind or vision impaired of potential hazards such as a change in level or overhead obstructions.

ParlInfo - National Capital Authority—Report for 2016-17

Proposed enhancements include a combination of digital, interactive, tactile and graphic displays, which will help improve the visitor experience. The upgrade will also improve visitor amenity and accommodate growing visitor numbers to the Exhibition. Design works are scheduled to be completed by December 2017, with construction completed in ...

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