Appendix 2

Appendix 2

Witnesses who appeared before the committee at public hearings

Tuesday, 6 February 2001 at 4.00 pm, Parliament House, Canberra

Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs

Mr Peter Hughes, First Assistant Secretary,
Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship Division
Mr Graham Mowbray, General Counsel (Immigration),
Australian Government Solicitor for DIMA
Mr David Page, Assistant Secretary, Settlement Branch
Ms Lin White, Director, Settlement Policy and Planning Section


Thursday, 15 February 2001 at 2.55 pm, Hotel Grand Chancellor, Perth

Former Child Migrants

Mr Peter Bent
Mr Michael O’Donoghue
Mr Bruce Blyth
Mr Brendan McCloat
Mr Patrick Monaghan
Mr Anthony Costa
Mrs Hazel Goulding
Ms Margaret Humphreys, International Director, Child Migrants Trust
Mr Ian Thwaites, Senior Social Worker, Child Migrants Trust
Mr Derek Rushbrook, Counsellor, Child Migrants Trust
Mr Brian Tennant


Friday, 16 February 2001 at 9.00 am, Hotel Grand Chancellor, Perth

Child Migrant Friendship Society of WA

Ms Maureen Colgan, President
Mrs Maureen Circenis
Mrs Rosie Kruger
Mr Brian Hoare
Mr Lawrence Humphreys

Trustees of the Christian Brothers in WA - Province Archivist

Mrs Josette Mathers, Province Archivist and PHIND Administrator

Australian Child Migrant Foundation

Mr John Hawkins, Chair
Professor David Plowman, Executive Officer

Fairbridge WA Inc.

Mr Peter Kyle, Chairman of the Board of Governors
Mr Mark Anderson, Chief Executive Officer
Mr David Buck, Member, Youth Development Committee

Christian Brothers Ex-Residents & Students Services

Ms Maria Harries, Chair
Mr George Horton, Member, Management Committee
Dr Debra Rosser, Member, Management Committee

Department for Family & Children’s Services

Mr Bob Fisher, Director-General
Ms Judith Anderson, Consultant
Mr Bill Budiselik, Exective Director
Mr John Priestley, Senior Information Officer, Family Information Records Bureau


Thursday, 15 March 2001 at 10.35 am, Downtowner on Lygon, Carlton, Melbourne

Former Child Migrants

Mr Peter Robinson
Mr Ken Pound
Mr Ronald Taylor
Mr Michael Whatham
Mr David O’Brien
Mr John Murray
Mr Ian Thwaites, Senior Social Worker, Child Migrants Trust

Dr Barry Coldrey

Broken Rites (Australia) Collective

Dr Wayne Chamley, Treasurer

International Social Service - Australia

Ms Marilyn Webster, President
Ms Diana Carroll, Director


Friday, 16 March 2001 at 11.05 am, Adelaide Town Hall, Adelaide

South Australian Department of Human Services

Mr Ian Procter, General Manager, Family and Youth Services
Ms Cynthia Beare, Manager, Adoption and Family Information Unit
Ms Kay Goodchild, Social Worker, Adoption & Family Information Service
Ms Jeanette Lucas, Senior Social Worker, Adoption & Family Information Service

Former Child Migrants

Ms Patricia Mary Carlson
Mr Victor Carlson
Mr Peter Harman
Mr Paul Price
Ms Kay Goodchild, Social Worker, Adoption & Family Information Service


Wednesday, 21 March 2001 at 9.45 am, Centre Point Motor Inn, Rockhampton

Former Child Migrants

Mrs Monica Cosby
Ms Patricia Keleher
Mrs Patsy Weekers
Mrs Pauline Dougan
Mrs Theresa Whitfield
Mr James Fairley
Mr Terence Davis
Mr Brian Laing
Mr Ian Thwaites, Senior Social Worker, Child Migrants Trust

Department of Families, Queensland

Mrs Julie Anne Bray, Service Development Coordinator, Office of Child Protection
Ms Julieann Cork, Forde Contact Officer


Thursday, 22 March 2001 at 9.00 am, Furama Hotel Central, Sydney

Fairbridge Foundation

Mr John Kennedy, Chairman
Dr Ian Pollard, Councillor

Care Leavers of Australia Network

Dr Joanna Penglase, President
Ms Leonie Sheedy, Secretary

Barnardos Australia

Mr Bill Hoyles, Director, Youth Services and Aftercare
Mr John Ruffels, former child migrant and former Management Committee Member

Catholic Church’s Joint Liaison Group on Child Migration

Br Tony Shanahan, Convenor
Mr Toby O’Connor, Member
Sr Daphne McKeough, Member

Mr Alan Gill

Professor Geoffrey Sherington

Former Child Migrants

Ms Peggy Rush
Mr John Hennessey
Mr Ronald Grant
Mr Ian Thwaites, Senior Social Worker, Child Migrants Trust


Monday, 26 March 2001 at 9.35 am, Parliament House, Canberra

International Association of Former Child Migrants and Their Families

Mr Norman Johnston, President
Mr Donald Coleshill, Vice President
Mr Harold Haig, Secretary
Mr Desmond McDaid, Committee Coordinator

Child Migrants Trust

Ms Margaret Humphreys, Director
Mr Ian Thwaites, Senior Social Worker
Ms Sue Bush, Senior Administrator Australia


Meetings by Members of the Committee as a Delegation to London and Ottawa

Wednesday, 18 April 2001 - Venue: Australia House, London

His Excellency Mr Michael L’Estrange, High Commissioner, Mr David Ritchie, Deputy High Commissioner, Mr Hugh Borrowman, Counsellor, Political & Trade Policy Branch

International Social Service (UK):

Mr Peter Fry, Director, Mrs Lesley Austin and Mr Chris Platt

Department of Health:

Ms Melissa Simons, Policy Development Manager, Adoption & Permanency Project
Mr David Serrant


Thursday, 19 April 2001 - Venue: Australia House, London

National Childrens Homes:

Ms Caroline Abrahams, Director of Public Policy
Ms Olwen Haslam, Corporate Director
Ms Joan Kerry, representative

Fairbridge, Child Migrants Sending Agencies Group:

Lady Aileen Dodds-Parker
Mr Gilbert Woods, Company Secretary
Ms Dianna Scott

Dr Stephen Constantine, Lancaster University History Department


Mr Roger Singleton, Chief Executive Officer
Ms Collette Bradford, Head of After Care
Mr Bob Cook, Principal Manager (Operations)

Mr Vernon Coaker MP, Chair, All-Party Groups - Child Migrants


Friday, 20 April 2001 - Venue: Australia House, London

National Council of Voluntary Child Care Organisations (NCVCCO):

Ms Erica De’Ath, Chief Executive
Ms Rizwana Shah, Child Migrant Project Administrator (NCVCCO)
Ms Joan Kerry, member of Steering Group
Mr Ian Thwaites, Child Migrants Trust and member of Steering Group
Ms Kathryn Hutton, Australian Desk Officer, Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Mrs Rose Coulson and Ms Sylvia Coulson

Catholic Child Welfare Council:

Ms Patricia McGrogan, Director of Family Care Society (Northern Ireland) and Chair, Subcommittee on Child Migration
Ms Siobhan Clemons, Father Hudson’s Society (Birmingham)
Ms Mary Gandy, General Secretary, Catholic Child Welfare Council

Mr Robin and Mrs Bernadette Evans

Mr Tony McHale


Monday, 23 April 2001 - Venue: Australian High Commission, Ottawa

His Excellency Mr Greg Wood, High Commissioner
Discussion with Ms Majorie Kohli (via telephone)
Canadian Academic at the University of Waterloo
Discussion with Mr Greg Willoughby (via telephone)
Canadian Centre for Home Children

National Archives of Canada:

Ms Marie-Louise Perron, Chief, Genealogy & Personnel Records Section
Ms Mary Munk, genealogist
Observe accessing of information through electronic records

Venue: National Archives of Canada

International Social Service Canada:

Ms Agnes Casselman, Executive Director

British High Commission in Canada:

Mr Alan Campbell, Political Section
Ms Yvonne Rideout, Research and Visits Officer


Tuesday, 24 April 2001 - Ottawa

Canadian Federal Officials:

David Collins, Director, Northern Europe Division, Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade
Patricia Birkett, Director, Citizenship Program, Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Susan Murdock, Manager, Government Action and Institutional Development, Canadian Heritage
Doug Sullivan, Senior Planner, Parks Canada

Venue: Australian High Commission

Senator Anne Cools

Mr Ian Wilson - National Archivist

Venue: Residence of the Australian High Commissioner

Home Children of Canada:

Mrs Kay Lorente

Venue: Australian High Commission