Index of bills considered by the committee

The Index of Bills lists all bills the committee has considered during a calendar year. The list is updated following the tabling of the committee's Scrutiny Digest each sitting week.

Year  PDF  Word 
2024 (PDF 108KB) (Word 71KB)
2023  (PDF 316KB) (Word 121KB)
2022  (PDF 252KB) (Word 90KB)
2021 (PDF 364KB) (Word 106KB)
2020 (PDF 380KB) (Word 68KB)
2019  (PDF 419KB (Word 67KB
2018  (PDF 221KB (Word 73KB
2017  (PDF 258KB (Word 75KB
2016  (PDF 119KB (Word 47KB
2015 (PDF 95KB
(Word 56KB)
2014 (PDF 105KB)
(Word 57KB)
2013 (PDF 74KB) (Word 47KB)
2012 (PDF 86KB)
(Word 52KB)
2011 (PDF 162KB
(Word 52KB)
2010 (PDF 164KB
(Word 46KB)

Archive (Index of bills considered by the committee 1999-2009)