Ministerial Responses

Ministerial responsiveness

Where the committee writes to a minister it expects a response to be received in time to be considered by the committee and reported on while the bill is still before the Parliament.

If the committee has not completed its inquiry due to the failure of a minister to respond to the committee's concerns, Senate standing order 24 enables Senators to ask the responsible minister why the committee has not received a response.

The table below sets out the bills for which the committee has requested a response and the response has either not yet been received or has been received but the committee has not yet finally reported on it. If a bill is likely to be subject to debate in the Senate before the due date set by the committee, the committee expects the response to be received prior to the debate.

Bills listed in red indicate that the response is outstanding.

Publication of ministerial responses

Where it may assist in providing timely scrutiny of bills before the Senate, the committee may choose to publish (in the table below) ministerial responses together with the committee's preliminary comments on those responses, prior to tabling its regular Scrutiny Digest.

All ministerial and other responses are published online with the relevant Scrutiny Digest after tabling.

Bill Minister Committee comment Response due Response received
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Land and Sea Future Fund Bill 2018 Indigenous Affairs Scrutiny Digest 5/2018 (PDF 30 May 2018
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Amendment Bill 2018 Health Scrutiny Digest 5/2018 (PDF)   30 May 2018
Corporations Amendment (Asia Region Funds Passport) Bill 2018  Revenue and Financial Services  Scrutiny Digest 5/2018 (PDF 30 May 2018
Education and Other Legislation Amendment (VET Student Loan Debt Separation) Bill 2018 Vocational Education and Skills Scrutiny Digest 5/2018 (PDF 30 May 2018
National Consumer Credit Protection Amendment (Mandatory Comprehensive Credit Reporting) Bill 2018 Treasurer  Scrutiny Digest 5/2018 (PDF)   30 May 2018 
Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Amendment (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill 2018  Resources and Northern Australia  Scrutiny Digest 5/2018 (PDF)   30 May 2018 23 May 2018
Primary Industries Levies and Charges Collection Amendment Bill 2018 Agriculture and Water Resources  Scrutiny Digest 5/2018 (PDF 30 May 2018
Private Health Insurance Legislation Amendment Bill 2018  Health  Scrutiny Digest 5/2018 (PDF 30 May 2018  21 May 2018 
Treasury Laws Amendment (2018 Measures No. 4) Bill 2018  Revenue and Financial Services   Scrutiny Digest 5/2018 (PDF 30 May 2018   
Treasury Laws Amendment (Australian Consumer Law Review) Bill 2018  Assistant Minister to the Treasurer  Scrutiny Digest 5/2018 (PDF 30 May 2018   
Treasury Laws Amendment (Tax Integrity and Other Measures) Bill 2018  Treasurer  Scrutiny Digest 5/2018 (PDF 30 May 2018   
Underwater Cultural Heritage Bill 2018  Environment and Energy  Scrutiny Digest 5/2018 (PDF 4 June 2018*   

* Revised due date