Scrutiny News

Scrutiny News is a brief newsletter highlighting key aspects of the work of the Senate Scrutiny of Bills Committee and the Senate Scrutiny of Delegated Legislation Committee. It has a particular focus on information that may be useful while bills are under consideration and legislative instruments are subject to disallowance, and seeks to raise awareness about the committees' scrutiny principles (see Senate standing orders 23 and 24). Scrutiny News is published each sitting week after the committees' Scrutiny Digest and Delegated Legislation Monitor have been tabled in the Senate.

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Date Format
Number 15  16 September 2021 (PDF 137KB) (Word 136KB)
Number 14  2 September 2021 (PDF 233KB) (Word 136KB)
Number 13 26 August 2021 (PDF 250KB) (Word 140KB)
Number 12  12 August 2021 (PDF 246KB) (Word 136KB
Number 11 6 August 2021 (PDF 245KB) (Word 136 KB)
Number 10 15 July 2021 (PDF 283KB) (Word 140KB)
Number 9 24 June 2021 (PDF 252KB) (Word 146KB)
Number 8 18 June 2021 (PDF 285KB) (Word 142KB)
Number 7 18 May 2021 (PDF 258KB) (Word 141KB)
Number 6 30 April 2021 (PDF 258KB) (Word 140KB)
Number 5 22 March 2021 (PDF 266KB) (Word 139KB)
Number 4 11 March 2021 (PDF 255KB) (Word 114KB)
Number 3 19 February 2021 (PDF 248KB) (Word 113KB)
Number 2 9 February 2021 (PDF 258KB) (Word 115KB)
Number 1 29 January 2021 (PDF 254KB) (Word 114KB)