Submissions received by the Committee

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1RAND Australia (PDF 438 KB) 
2Dr Jake Wallis and Mr Thomas Uren (PDF 228 KB) 
3Mr Robert Size (PDF 264 KB) 
4China Policy Centre Inc (PDF 71 KB) 
5Ms Melissa Harrison (PDF 264 KB) 
6Special Broadcasting Service Corporation (SBS) (PDF 116 KB) 
7Dr Bruce Arnold (PDF 115 KB) 
8University of Canberra (PDF 489 KB) 
9Australian Citizens Party (PDF 105 KB) 
10Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (PDF 845 KB) 
11The Law Society of NSW Young Lawyers (PDF 637 KB) 
12Osmond Chiu (PDF 103 KB) 
13Attorney-General's Department (PDF 986 KB) 
14Australian Electoral Commission (PDF 1336 KB) 
15Australian Communications and Media Authority (PDF 85 KB) 
16Department of Home Affairs (PDF 155 KB) 
17Responsible Technology Australia (PDF 381 KB) 
18Law Council of Australia (PDF 871 KB) 
19Ms Lyria Bennett (PDF 266 KB) 
20Twitter (PDF 108 KB) 

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