First Interim Report

December 2021

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Abbreviations and acronyms


Chapter 1—Committee view and recommendations

  Context and objectives of this inquiry
  The nature of the threat to Australian democratic processes
  The adequacy of Australia's response to the challenge
  Next steps

Chapter 2—Inquiry details

  Conduct of the inquiry
  Report structure
  Scope of the report
  Other inquiries and reports

Chapter 3—Mechanisms

  Coordinated inauthentic behaviour
  Algorithmic curation
  Human labour
  Automated content moderation

Chapter 4—Key issues

  The attention economy
  Undermining of democratic institutions
  Social polarisation
  Social media as a source of news
  COVID-19 misinformation and disinformation: a case study

Chapter 5—Governance

  Relevant legislation
  Australian Code of Practice on Disinformation and Misinformation
  Government departments
  Cooperation between social media platforms and government

Senator Jim Molan's additional comments

Senator Jim Molan's further additional comments

Submissions and additional information

Public hearings and witnesses

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