Appendix 3

Public hearings

Tuesday, 20 April 2021
Committee Room 2S1
Parliament House
Office of the National Data Commissioner
Ms Deborah Anton, Interim National Data Commissioner
Mr Paul Menzies-McVey, Assistant Secretary
Public Interest Advocacy Centre
Mr Chadwick Wong, Senior Solicitor (via videoconference)
NSW Council for Civil Liberties
Mr Jonathan Gadir, Committee Member (via videoconference)
Australian Privacy Foundation
Dr Bruce Baer Arnold, Vice-Chair
Law Council of Australia
Ms Olga Ganopolsky, Chair, Privacy Law Committee, Business Law Section (via videoconference)
Mr Ian Bloemendal, Chair, Privileges and Immunities Committee, Federal Litigation and Dispute Resolution Service (via videoconference)
Mr Nathan MacDonald, Principal Policy Lawyer (via videoconference)
University of Sydney
Mr Tim Payne, Director, Higher Education Policy and Projects, Office of the Vice Chancellor and Principal (via videoconference)
Dr Adele Haythornthwaite, Research Data Consulting Lead, Sydney Informatics Hub (via videoconference)
Digital Rights Watch Inc.
Ms Lucie Krahulcova, Executive Director (via videoconference)
Electronic Frontiers Australia
Mr Justin Warren, Board Member (via videoconference)

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