Submissions received by the Committee

Implementation of the National Health Reform Agreement

Submissions received by the Committee

Sub No.

1Dr Ewen McPhee (PDF 305KB) 
2Professor Stephen Duckett (PDF 1743KB) 
Supplementary Submission(PDF 1295KB) 
3Consumers Health Forum of Australia (PDF 160KB) 
4Health Services Association of NSW (PDF 167KB) 
5Australian Nursing Federation (Victorian Branch) (PDF 688KB) Attachment 1(PDF 698KB) 
6Central Queensland Rural Division of General Practice (PDF 70KB) 
7Services for Australian Rural and Remote Allied Health (PDF 88KB) 
8Victorian Emergency Physicians Association Inc (PDF 54KB) 
9Rural Doctors Association of NSW Inc (PDF 71KB) 
10Queensland Government (PDF 3112KB) 
11Australian Medical Association (Victoria) Limited (PDF 143KB) 
12Colac Area Health (PDF 88KB) 
13Health Workforce Queensland (PDF 1038KB) 
14Moura District Health Care Assoc Inc (PDF 96KB) 
15Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association (PDF 503KB) 
16Rural Doctors Association of Queensland (PDF 78KB) Attachment 1(PDF 58KB) 
17Victorian Hospitals' Industrial Association (PDF 464KB) 
18Rural Doctors Association of Australia (PDF 354KB) 
19Australian Health Care Reform Alliance (PDF 74KB) 
20Victorian Healthcare Association (PDF 172KB) 
21Catholic Health Australia (PDF 304KB) 
22Australian Medical Association (PDF 125KB) 
23HammondCare Health and Hospitals (PDF 227KB) 
24Palliative Care Australia (PDF 181KB) 
25Australian Bureau of Statistics (PDF 420KB) Attachment 1(PDF 471KB) 
Supplementary Submission(PDF 70KB) 
26Dr John Deeble (PDF 256KB) 
27Dr Yvonne McMaster (PDF 106KB) 
29Dr Jennifer Mann (PDF 15KB) Attachment 1(PDF 1303KB) 
30Prof Steven Faux (PDF 93KB) 
32Mr Michael Mardel (PDF 15KB) 
33Mr Phil Browne (PDF 16KB) 
34Ms Leanne Callahan (PDF 16KB) 
35Ms Tam Kruger (PDF 20KB) 
36Ms Hailey Weedon (PDF 16KB) 
37Mr Chad Kelly (PDF 15KB) 
38Mr/Ms Ali Beer (PDF 17KB) 
39Ms Colleen Reynolds (PDF 16KB) 
40Ms Marie Formisano (PDF 17KB) 
42Dr Karen Chia (PDF 16KB) 
43Ms Claire Jackson (PDF 16KB) 
44Ms Denise Hadley (PDF 16KB) 
45Ms Laura Cook (PDF 16KB) 
46Ms Sarah King (PDF 15KB) 
47Ms Debra Howlett (PDF 17KB) 
48Ms Ella Tesselaar (PDF 16KB) 
49Ms Sarah Oborne (PDF 20KB) 
50Ms Naomi Colvile (PDF 16KB) 
51Ms Belinda Rogers (PDF 25KB) 
52Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (PDF 442KB) 
Supplementary Submission(PDF 278KB) 
53NSW Government (PDF 574KB) Attachment 1(PDF 1568KB) 
54Victorian Government (PDF 484KB) Attachment 1(PDF 10229KB) Attachment 2(PDF 43KB) 
Supplementary Submission(PDF 202KB) 
55Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing and the Treasury (PDF 569KB) 
56Queensland Nurses' Union (PDF 639KB) 
57Dr Kathryn Antioch (PDF 297KB) Attachment 1(PDF 765KB) Attachment 2(PDF 70KB) Attachment 3(PDF 220KB) 
58Northern Territory Government (PDF 316KB) 
59Mr Paul Cross (PDF 33KB) 

Additional Information Received

1Additional Information, tabled by The Hon David Davis MP, Minister for Health, Victoria, 21 February 2013(PDF 16168KB) 
2Health Services Amendment (Health Purchasing Victoria) Bill 2012, tabled by The Hon David Davis MP, Minister for Health, Victoria, 21 February 2013(PDF 67KB) 
3Dr Tony Sherbon, Chief Executive Officer, Independent Hospital Pricing Authority, Supplementation of evidence following public hearing, 21 February 2013, received 4 March 2013.(PDF 1184KB) 

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