Submissions received by the Committee

The performance of the Department of Parliamentary Services (DPS)

Submissions received by the Committee

Sub No.

1Mr Harold Guida (PDF 28KB) 
2MS Australia (PDF 120KB) 
3Department of Parliamentary Services (PDF 1119KB) Attachment 1(PDF 498KB) Attachment 2(PDF 231KB) Attachment 3(PDF 3690KB) Attachment 4(PDF 1050KB) Attachment 5(PDF 129KB) Attachment 6(PDF 77KB) 
4International Union of Architects (UIA) (PDF 195KB) 
5National Trust (PDF 311KB) 
6Joint Standing Committee on the Parliamentary Library (PDF 33KB) 
7Mr Romaldo Giurgola (PDF 231KB) 
8Mr Paul Cohen (PDF 34KB) 
9Mr Peter Hicks (PDF 2449KB) 
10Mr Steve O'Neill (PDF 388KB) 
11Mr Andrew Podger (PDF 149KB) 
12Mr Michael Bolton (PDF 4943KB) 
13Ms M. Pamille Berg (PDF 348KB) 
14Australian Institute of Architects (PDF 235KB) 
15Australian Parliamentary Service Commissioner (PDF 140KB) 
16Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) (PDF 90KB) 
17Australian Heritage Council (PDF 75KB) 
18Mr Chris Bettle (PDF 8509KB) 
19Ms Anne Ferguson (PDF 41KB) 
20Ms Rosemarie Willett (PDF 22KB) 
21Mr Franco Colussi (PDF 1699KB) 
22Walter Burley Griffin Society Inc. (PDF 203KB) 
23Mr John Smith (PDF 34KB) 
24Name Withheld (PDF 52KB) 

Additional Information Received

1Correspondence from the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, received 14 September 2011(PDF 1129KB) 
2Additional information provided by the DPS, received on 11 October 2011(PDF 1386KB) 
3Valuation of Billiard Tables Located in Parliament House, Final Report, September 2011 and Minute, Items with possible heritage value and cover letter dated 20 September 2011(PDF 8006KB) 
4Heritage Management Framework provided by the DPS, and cover letter dated 15 December 2011(PDF 3596KB) 
5DPS staff survey 2011: results tabled CPSU 2 May 2012(PDF 528KB) 
6DPS People Management Paper No. 1.1 - Procedures For Investigating and Determining Breaches of the Code of Conduct(PDF 4358KB) 
7Emailed correspondence re: Comcare audit, tabled DPS 2 May 2012(PDF 443KB) 
8Mr Russell Grove, Acting Secretary, Department of Parliamentary Service, letter to clarify evidence provided to Committee 2 May 2012, dated 16 May 2012(PDF 733KB) 
9 National Archives of Australia, correspondence dated 16 August 2012 (PDF 67KB)
10 Ms Carol Mills, Secretary, Department of Parliamentary Services, correspondence dated 6 September 2012 (PDF 2824KB)

Answers to Questions on Notice

1DPS response to Questions on Notice re: staffing matters, dated 19 January 2012(PDF 2272KB) 
2DPS response to Questions on Notice taken at hearing on 2 May 2012, dated 15 May 2012(PDF 165KB) 
3Estimates briefs provided by DPS, received 15 May 2012(PDF 422KB) 
4DPS response to Questions on Notice re: heritage and other matters, dated 26 April 2012(PDF 632KB) 
5DPS response to Questions on Notice - Attachments re: heritage and other matters, dated 26 April 2012(PDF 11093KB) 
6 Department of Parliamentary Services, dated 12 November 2012, following hearing of 30 October 2012 (PDF 3264KB)

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