Information about the inquiry

Provisions of the Medibank Private Sale Bill 2006

Information about the inquiry

On 19 October 2006 the Senate referred the provisions of the Medibank Private Sale Bill 2006 to the committee for inquiry and report by 27 November 2006. The Bill, in short, will authorise and facilitate the sale of the Commonwealth's equity in Medibank Private Limited (which operates the Medibank Private health benefits fund).

Matters under consideration include the effect of the sale on current Medibank members, competition and efficiency in the private health insurance sector particularly premiums, health and insurance markets across the states and territories and the overall access and equity implications for healthcare.

Loding submissions

Submissions should be received by 31 October 2006 and can be sent to Submissions become Committee documents and are only made public after a decision by the Committee. Unauthorised release of submissions is not covered by parliamentary privilege. For further information call (02) 6277 3530.

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