Appendix 2

Public hearings

Friday, 18 September 2020
Committee Room 2S1
Mr Robert Jeremenko, Division Head—Retirement Income Policy
Mr Robb Preston, Principal Advisor—Division Head, Retirement Income Policy
Ms Shanyn Sparreboom, Manager—Individuals Tax Unit
Australian Taxation Office
Mr John Ford, A/g Deputy Commissioner—Superannuation & Employer Obligations
Ms Kasey MacFarlane, Assistant Commissioner—Risk & Strategy Employer Obligations
Australian Council of Trade Unions
Mr Liam O'Brien, Assistant Secretary
Mr Sunil Kemppi, Legal & Industrial Officer
Dr Tess Hardy, Private capacity
Dr Stephen Clibborn, Private capacity
Associate Professor Anna Boucher, Private capacity
Associate Professor Laurie Berg, Private capacity
National Foundation for Australian Women
Dr Kristin van Barneveld, Social Policy Committee Member
Fair Work Ombudsman
Ms Sandra Parker PSM, Fair Work Ombudsman
Mr Mark Scully, Deputy Fair Work Ombudsman—Compliance & Enforcement
Ms Kristen Hannah, Deputy Fair Work Ombudsman—Policy & Communication
Mr Jeremy O'Sullivan, Chief Counsel
Mr Steven Ronson, Executive Director—Enforcement
Mr Michael Clark, Executive Director—Customer Services
Mr Anthony Fogarty, Executive Director—Policy
Attorney General's Department
Mr Martin Hehir, Deputy Secretary—Industrial Relations Group
Mr Greg Manning, First Assistant Secretary—Industrial Relations Group
Ms Ashleigh Saint, Assistant Secretary—Industrial Relations Group
Wednesday, 10 March 2021
The Grace Hotel
National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU)
Ms Gabrielle Gooding, National Assistant Secretary
Casualised, Unemployed and Precarious University Workers
Dr Giles Fielke, Member Organiser
Dr Anastasia Kanjere, Committee Member
Dr Ellyse Fenton, Member
Dr Yaegan Doran
Dr Siobhan Irving
Dr Liam Kane
National Union of Students (NUS)
Ms Zoe Ranganathan, President
Ms Arabella Wauchope, Welfare Officer
Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations
Mr Errol Phuah, National President
Australian Higher Education Industrial Association
Mr Stuart Andrews, Executive Director
University of Sydney
Professor Stephen Garton AM, Vice-Chancellor and Principal
Macquarie University
Professor Bruce S. Dowton, Vice-Chancellor and President
Ms Nicole Gower, Vice-President—People and Services
University of New South Wales
Professor Anne Simmons, Provost
Ms Deena Amorelli, Chief HR Office—Division of Operations

Thursday, 11 March 2021
Mantra on Russell
Hospo Voice & United Workers Union
Ms Jo Brisky, Official
Ms Julien Gibson, Member
Mr Mohammad Abdillahi, Member
Mr Trent Whitehand-Willick, Member
Victorian Trades Hall Council
Dr Carina Garland, Assistant Secretary
Dr Hyeseon Jeong, Research and Policy Officer
Migrant Workers Centre
Mr Mathew Knunkle, Director
Young Workers Centre
Ms Felicity Sowerbutts
Ms Annie Wong
Maurice Blackburn
Mr Josh Bornstein
Per Capita Australia
Ms Emma Dawson, Executive Director
Mr Shirley Jackson
Tuesday, 22 February 2022
Committee Room 2S3
Industry Super Australia
Mr Matthew Linden
Mr James Gunn, Senior Public Affairs Advisor
United Workers Union
Ms Melinda Bolton, Industrial Officer
Witness 1, Member
Witness 3, Member
Australian Taxation Office
Ms Emma Rosenzweig, Deputy Commissioner—Superannuation and Employer Obligations
Ms Michelle Allen, A/g Assistant Commissioner—Risk and Strategy Employer Obligations
National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU)
Dr Alison Barnes, National President
Ms Kelly Thomas, Director—Industrial and Legal
Mr David X, Sessional Academic
Witness 2, Sessional Academic at Swinburne University of Technology
Casualised, Unemployed and Precarious University Workers (CUPUW)
Ms Lisa (Siobhan) Irving, Representative
Mr Ben Nunquam, Representative
Mr Yaegan Doran, Representative
La Trobe Casuals' Network
Dr Anastasia Kanjere, Spokesperson
Monash Casuals' Network
Dr Giles Fielke, Delegate
Mr Andrew XX, Delegate
Mr Greg XX, Delegate
Witness 5, Former Sessional Academic, Monash University—Faculty of Science
Dr Heine Heinrich
University of Melbourne Casuals' Network
Dr Hayley Singer, Member
University of New England
Professor Brigid Heywood, Vice-Chancellor, and CEO
University of Melbourne
Dr Julie Wells, Vice-President—Strategy and Culture
RMIT University
Professor Sherman Young, Deputy Vice-Chancellor—Education
Ms Dionne Higgins, Senior Vice-President—Strategy and Operations
La Trobe University
Professor John Dewar, Vice-Chancellor
Ms Regan Sterry, Executive Director—Human Resources
Monash University
Professor Margaret Gardner AC, President and Vice-Chancellor
Mr Peter Marshall AM, Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice-President
Mr Phillip Vaughan, Chief Human Resources Officer

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