Recommendation 1                                                                         paragraphs 4.73-4.74

The committee recommends that both COMPSS and LPA review the criticism that has been levelled at the primary market identified in this report and consider how event holders and promoters could adopt or revise a code of best practice to address the criticism.[1] The committee notes particularly the desirability of having greater transparency in the way in which tickets are issued and distributed.

The committee supports the Ticket Brokers Association's suggestion that an industry-wide standard of conduct be established. It recommends that the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) be consulted during the development of this code.

Recommendation 2                                                                         paragraph 4.79

The committee recommends that the ACCC consult with the major participants involved in the sale and re-sale of tickets to sporting and entertainment events with a view to identifying areas where consumer education needs to be strengthened. The aim then would be to devise a consumer education strategy that would arm consumers with the information they need to protect themselves against poor practices in the industry and unscrupulous ticket scalpers.

The committee recommends that, based on the findings of this consultation, the major participants (and their representatives) in the primary and secondary ticketing markets, revise or develop a code of best practice that places a heavy emphasis on, and seeks to strengthen, consumer education.

Recommendation 3                                                                         paragraph 4.85

The committee recommends that the ACCC, as lead agency, coordinate with the states' Fair Trade Offices to obtain a more accurate understanding of ticket scalping practices within the industry across Australia and the significance for Australia, if any, of overseas trends. The aim would be to:

Recommendation 4                                                                         paragraphs 4.86-4.87

The committee recommends that the ACCC consult with the states' Fair Trade Offices to review the procedures for reporting and acting on complaints or concerns about purchasing tickets to sporting or entertainment events, in order to ascertain:

If the consultations uncover weakness, the committee recommends that the ACCC work cooperatively with the states towards remedying the identified deficiencies.

Recommendation 5                                                                         paragraph 4.88

The committee also recommends that, based on the results of the consultations and if required, the ACCC revise the advice it provides to consumers regarding the purchase of event tickets in both the primary and secondary markets.

Recommendation 6                                                                         paragraph 4.94

The committee recommends that, in light of the growing sophistication in software, the Federal Government ensure that the effects of such advances on the primary and secondary ticket markets are monitored.

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