Additional comments

Additional comments

Senator Sean Edwards – Liberal Party of Australia

1.1        Senator Edwards disputes the view expressed in 2.73. A stated objective of the NSW lockout laws was to reduce violent assaults in key areas and Senator Edwards notes 2.69 of the committee report which indicates that this objective is being met.

1.2        In addition, there is no indication that a ‘normalisation’ of restrictive measures has occurred as a result of this public health policy and the statement expressed in 2.73 is overreach.

1.3        Senator Edwards notes the falsity of the view expressed in 2.74 relating to the damage caused by overconsuming alcohol being limited to the individual. The impacts of alcohol overconsumption are not always benign. Harms to public health and safety include impacts on the individual’s family and friends, destruction of public property and assaults on individuals as well as the burden on the public health system.

1.4        For these reasons the states and territories are obliged to encourage the responsible consumption of alcohol through appropriate legislation.

Senator Sean Edwards
Liberal Party of Australia

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