Senate Economics References Committee

Senate Economics References Committee

Senator Sam Dastyari (Chair from 2 July 2014) New South Wales, ALP
Senator Mark Bishop (Chair until 30 June 2014) Western Australia, ALP
Senator Sean Edwards (Deputy Chair from 2 July 2014) South Australia, LP
Senator David Bushby (Deputy Chair until 1 July 2014) Tasmania, LP
Senator Matthew Canavan (from 1 July 2014) Queensland, NATS
Senator the Hon. Kim Carr (from 1 July 2014 until 14 May 2015) Victoria, ALP
Senator Chris Ketter (from 1 July 2014) Queensland, ALP
Senator Jenny McAllister (from 14 May 2015) New South Wales, ALP
Senator Nick Xenophon South Australia, IND
Senators participating in this inquiry  
Senator the Hon Stephen Conroy Victoria, ALP
Senator John Madigan Victoria, IND
Senator Anne McEwen South Australia, ALP
Senator the Hon. Penny Wong South Australia, ALP


Dr Kathleen Dermody, Secretary
Ms Morana Kavgic, Administrative Officer (until 27 February 2015)
Ms Ashlee Hill, Administrative Officer (from 23 February 2015)

PO Box 6100
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600
Ph: 02 6277 3540
Fax: 02 6277 5719

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